The Seattle Erotic Art Festival facilitates many unique platforms for performance art, from grand mainstage performances to smaller, more intimate showcases which blend seamlessly into their surroundings. From unique main stage productions to gloriously unexpected roaming characters, attendees who come to the Festival see and experience performance art they wouldn’t normally access in Seattle.

Our 2014 Performance Art Team is comprised of:

Courtnee Papasthatis, Performance Director


Courtnee Papastathis is pleased to celebrate her third year as a director for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, previously serving as Director of Aerial Performance in 2008 and Performance Director in 2013. She is the co-founder of Vita Arts, a nonprofit organization which she creatively directed from 2009-2013; has performed in such Seattle venues as ACT theater, Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, and The Pink Door; and created The Obsidian Show, presented by Little Red Studio in 2009. Courtnee’s approach to Performance Direction for the Foundation for Sex-Positive Culture is to create an organic flow that enhances the ambient quality of Foundation and Festival events by bringing a sense of intimacy and relation to her performance offerings and the methods of their presentation.

Jesse Belle-Jones, Performance Curator


Jesse Belle-Jones, “The Modern Sexual Intellectual,” is pleased to have been involved in performances at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival for the last six years.  She is a co-producer/proprietress and principal performer with Sinner Saint Burlesque, co-producer of the Seattle chapter of Naked Girls Reading, and is currently serving her second year of tenure on the board of directors for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture.

Jennifer Dowling, Stage Manager

Misty Montaigne, Assistant Stage Manager

Misty has been involved in the Seattle performing arts scene for many years, taking on various roles on and offstage.  Some favorites include directing for Little Red Studio; stage managing for Acrobatic Conundrum and the Moisture Festival; producing “Unpolished Gems,” a circus ope mic night; and performing with the Fremont Players in “Dick Whittington.”

Joshua Sacks, SEAF Late Night Curator

Raymond Forbes, Music Director

Afrodisiac Erotic Poetry Show


Afrodisiac is produced and hosted by two minority business women, artists, mothers, & activists who are striving to bring innovative adult entertainment and exposure to culturally diverse communities. Afrodisiac targets a mature and diverse crowd and are committed to our mission of providing a safe space for every gender, race and sexual identity to celebrate the diverse sexualities of people of color. We’re committed to exposing our audience to a variety of artistic erotic presentations, challenging classic views of sexuality towards tolerance at the very minimum and celebration at its most supreme.

Cory Cavazos


Cello stole Cory’s heart in fifth grade. He was handed a hunk of wood with strings in class; this was the start of a lifetime commitment to and relationship with the cello. When Cory was unsure of where to start, his father bought an instruction book, taught himself how to play, sat down beside Corey and showed him where to put his fingers. Cory has had support from his father and his whole family ever since. Instead of homework, Cory would practice his cello. Cello became the air that he breathed. Now he plays as often as he can, creating a sound that is different from many cellists. Cory’s influences come from a variety of musical styles reaching beyond the boundaries of the cello, yet grounded in classical training, never compromising technique or intonation.

Gender Tender


Syniva Whitney and Will Courtney are the co-founders of GENDER TENDER, a performance project that began out of the desire to make art work in a safe and rigorous environment for trans*, queer*, questioning and allied artists of all kinds. GT brings many different elements together from the worlds of dance, acting, burlesque, comedy, music and visual art. GT has performed at On the Boards, Velocity Dance Center, Gay City Arts and Gender Odyssey as well as at the Satori Group, Project: Space Available, the 2013 Seattle Fringe Festival and at LoveCityLove, all in Seattle, WA.

GENDER TENDER member Vanessa DeWolf is an artist wrangler & poeto-improviser. she runs Studio Current an artist residency program for artists practice, process and experimentation alongside aesthetic dialog.  Her new work “FOREST FLOOR is low growling in the girls bedroom”  premiered this past February at the Good Shepherds Center in Wallingford as part of an evening of performance curated by the Fisher Ensemble.

GENDER TENDER member Sara Ann Davidson is a multidisciplinary artist working in Seattle. Turn-ons: Hot jamz, ISO 3200, witchery, space. Turn-offs: Secrets, patriarchy.

Jesse Parce


Jesse Parce is a local performance artist and a member of Pony World Theatre Company, The American Russian Theatre Ensemble Laboratory, Taproot Theatre Improv, and plays cello with L’Orchestre D’Incroyable. Locally he has performed and directed with Seattle Symphony, Music of Remembrance, Emerald City Scene, Seattle Musical Theatre, Skagit Opera, Blood Ensemble, Acropolis Performance Lab, Village Theatre, and The Harlequin Hipsters. He has also performed with Central City Opera in Central City, Colorado, and in the Spoleto Festival in Spoleto, Italy. Mr. Parce is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Drama and the Accademia dell’Arte Full-Year Theatre Program.

Joie D’Vivre and V


Presenting “Why”

“Why” is a fleeting exploration of human nature, desire and what instincts compel us to fly headlong into the things we want- no matter the consequence. The question, “Why do I want what I want?” is the music and driving force behind this organic movement/contemporary dance piece. Do we answer the question? Or does the question remain?

When creative ideas come to Joie D’ Vivre, they often come in like a body slam, knocking her over and taking her down for the count until she promises to honor the muse and wrestle the vision to earth. Dance, poetry, written and spoken word are all mediums she uses to put flesh on the spirit of a piece or to create a container as a means of communication for feelings that often are larger than words alone can express. By day, Joie is healing artist with a thriving practice in the Seattle area. Every moment in between, she is a creative being on a grand adventure called life.
V is a life-long dancer and artist, into artistic democracy, who loves helping people find their own valid artistic expression. His passions include improv, ecstatic singing and ecstatic dancing (and the combination of both.) He is most excited about works that happen in the moment and in trance space. He also loves to perform in public spaces, where people aren’t expecting performance/art. V is the creator of Ecstatic Singing Seattle and a new project, Ecstatic Street Dancing Seattle.

Pacific Syren


Presenting “Thunder of Scorpia”

Scorpia the venomous scorpion hides, prowling in the shadows, waiting for her prey. Dressed in black to conceal herself, Scorpia begins her performance by moving in and around a sea of innocent victims. She advances through the increasingly anxious crowd, circling them until she singles out her prey, now at her mercy.  She’ll capture her powerless victim with her poisonous strike.  Smoulderingly slowly, Scorpia peels off her skeleton shells before finally uniting with her prey.

Pacific Syren will have you on the edge of your seat.  The sensual, passionate California Starlet whisks you away on a journey of dramatic exquisiteness and theatrical extravaganza. Once-seen, never-forgotten, this burlesque beauty will celebrate femininity by gracing you and the stage with her sensual, emotive goddess glamour. Her magnetic charisma will touch, move and stir you beyond the realms of anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Red X Roper


Bio coming soon!

The Sex-Positive Story Slam


The Sex-Positive Story Slam is made up 5-minute stories volunteered by members of the audience. All of the stories are about sex, sexuality, and living in a gendered body–and most are stories that you’d never hear at a mainstream story slam, because they deviate from mainstream ideas of what sex and sexual relationships should be.

Their performances at SEAF will feature the very best of the stories told at their monthly events over the past year and offer members of the audience a chance to chime in with their own stories.  Sign-ups from story tellers will be taken throughout the events.

The organizer of the Sex-Positive Story Slam, Gwen, is an aspiring novelist and ardent feminist who thinks that we should talk about sex–its best, worst, and most confusing aspects–much more. She created the Sex-Positive Story Slam to give people a place to share their experiences and hear about those of others.


Sinner Saint Burlesque

Photo by Damien Jones

Sinner Saint Burlesque’s “Sculpture Garden” explores erotic language and the power of touch. Dancers physically manipulate each others’ bodies, using one another as our canvas for painting our interpretation of words like “restraint,” “lust,” “ecstasy,” “initiation,” etc. This is done taking into consideration creative, intimate and sensual ways that the Sculptor might use her own body to manipulate the Sculpture. We’ve created a visual display of these words that will rotate in time with our music (we’ve been in touch with Noel about this to make sure it’s feasible). This will be showing on the screen behind us so that audience members are able to visually connect our “dance” to the word that inspired it.

Sinner Saint Burlesque is an internationally performing and teaching theatrical striptease dance company. Their mission is to celebrate the human experience through smart, sexy entertainment. Founded in 2006, Sinner Saint Burlesque not only performs in their home city Seattle, WA , but has also crossed state lines, international borders, and the high seas to bring their glamor, theatricality, wit and humor to the masses.




A high-tech toy for the lucky and few? A droid gone wild? A life-size doll that plays off your emotional and sexual energy and reflects back your deepest desires…?


Verotica143 was first thrust upon the world on July 23rd, 2003.  Her carefully calibrated energy fields and sexual tension lines have intrigued audiences for many years. Each time she appears on stage, the audience revels in her exquisite tuning and masterful grasp as she lays claim to anyone within the room.  Finally, a mirror has been created, in human form, in which others can see their own sexual masks and desires laid bare before them – an act being played out for the audience’s enjoyment and musing. She has pushed herself to her limits, to ever more dangerous places of the sexual psyche… come see what Verotica143 has in store for you.