Created to highlight the written word as its own distinct art form, our Literary Art Exhibition features the work of poets, playwrights, and authors from around the globe.

These jury-selected works are presented on paper and in intimate readings, like story time for grown-ups – a beautiful reminder that sometimes, the most intimate thing you can do is simply… listen.

Again this year we will offer a printed anthology featuring all of our literary artists; it is available in our Festival Store and online. We also offer the following Festival anthologies for purchase via our Lulu store:

2013 Anthology

2012 Anthology

2011 Anthology

Curated by Kerry Cox

To learn more about our 2014 Literary Art jurors, click here.

Literary Artists 2014




A. Heinrichs, “You”
Alison Peacock, “Blushing bush”
Alison Peacock, “Down to Earth”
Alison Peacock, “Silt”
Ariel B. Alon, “Five Seasons”
Ariel B. Alon, “Inside”
ASSIA FENGARI, “Discovery”
Boi Middler, “Cyber Non-Monogamy”
Boi Middler, “One Breath Apart”
Boi Middler, “Spiders”
Boi Middler, “Your Flesh, My Guilt to Swallow”
Elijah Kane, “Captured Prey”
Elijah Kane, “Contact Takes Away”
Erobintica, “Losing Her Composure”
Erobintica, “Re: Nude Bohemian”
Evoe Thorne, “Bad Habits”
Evoe Thorne, “UR so SXY”
India, “Cello”
M. G. Schaefer/Holoroyd, “Blessings”
M. G. Schaefer/Holoroyd, “Breathless”
M. G. Schaefer/Holoroyd, “The Eleventh Hour”
METROsexuAL, “A Game of Twister in the Morning”
Noelle Smithhart, “Casting Call”
Noelle Smithhart, “Costco”
RebeccaSnowLanda, “S and M and Ink”
Schrodinger’s Cat, “Consumption Triptych”
Stax Blackmoore, “Fetish 1″
Stax Blackmoore, “Fetish 3″
Stax Blackmoore, “Fetish 5″
Stax Blackmoore, “My Desire”
T.R. Gratz, “Five Haiku”
Terry Johnson, “Mardi Gras Mask”
Terry Johnson, “My Bass”
Theo Galalexis, “Pray for Prey”
Theo Galalexis, “Tell Me You Love Me (Without Taking Me Out of Your Mouth)”

Short Story


A. Heinrichs, “Las Vegas”
Ariel B. Alon, “Skinned Knees and Scratch Marks”
ASSIA FENGARI, “The Erotillectuals”
bootbrush, “Dog Days”
bootbrush, “Night-Fucking”
bootbrush, “Sling-dog”
Erobintica, “Corner Table Window”
Francesca Scott, “When to Walk Away”
Jayna Elcock, “Her Chance”
Noelle Smithhart, “Self Love”
RebeccaSnowLanda, “Needles”
Redde Cesarzowa, “The Dancer”
Sarah N, “Build, Crest, Break”
Theo Galalexis, “Magna Cum Loudly”
Ursula Black, “Fire on my Side”