Because erotic is more than just visual, and because we don’t want to require everyone to keep their hands off all the art, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival includes the work of visionary installation artists.

Curated by Robert Hall

2015 Installations: Coming Soon!

Until then, view our 2014 Installations:

frankly all pieces
Frankly, We’re All Pieces

by Carlos Zamora

Come create your own vision with the artist’s Polaroids in this playful examination of our parts.



by Coralee Lynn Rose

In this work, the artist comes out from beneath her usual mask, and seeks to select the perfect lipstick. Join her for a nibble of chocolate, and consider lips.


It’s Your Move

by Dona Farmer

A wandering, interactive game of words. What will your move bring to mind?


The Erotic Rocker

by Jacob Matthew

The erotic rocking chair is a modified 19th century cast iron rocking chair fitted with an apparatus that penetrates through the seat as the chair is rocked.



RapeScan Systems

by Jim Duvall and Sarah Williams

Imagine being in a small booth and getting to voyeur under people’s clothing all day long as a TSA agent. The screen will be streaming scans of human bodies with associated data. What will you see?



by Jim Wilkinson

Have you ever walked by a bathroom stall, heard very odd sounds and wondered, “What in the world is going on in there”? “Stall” attempts to shed some light on this topic with its two authentic stalls, complete with over 70 images of people doing curious things in a bathroom stall!



Peep Show

by John Osgood and Seb Barnett

Pay a small fee, and the Peep Show curtain will be opened to this wee painter’s studio with a live model. Watch these artists’ erotic art evolve.


Poor Impulse Control

Poor Impulse Control

by Kate Vrijmoet

“Stop! Don’t touch me there! This is my no-no square,” is a gleeful chant that finger-wagging, middle school girls are singing these days. Examine the “no-no square” of (un)invited human interaction with strangers who touch the hair on another’s head.

performing now

performing now

by Klaus Pinter

These beautiful dance cards encourage you to try the artist’s unique choreography.


The New Science of Philometrics

by The New Philographers

Philometrics, from the roots philos, to love, and metric, to measure. In this new science, a subject is connected to an array of biometric sensors which gather data as the subject reacts to external stimuli. The result is a philograph, a printed or fabricated representation of the subject’s experience.


Mouth&Mouth’s Mouth

by Mouth&Mouth

Step into this opportunity to engage in a multimedia erotic experience that exists beyond the context of dominant social and sexual ideals.


Ryan Henry Ward, "Unnamed"

Ryan Henry Ward, “Unnamed”

Henry’s Fantastic Planet: An Exploration of Otherworldly Pleasures

by Ryan “Henry” Ward

Watch this 20-foot long mural take form over the entire course of the Festival. Working with chalk and a paint brush, Ryan “Henry” Ward – Seattle’s ubiquitous muralist – will show us his seldom-seen erotic vision. When it’s finished, you can take a section of this painting (or, the entire work!) home with you.



Sensation City

by The Center for Sex Positive Culture

In previous years at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, we have enlightened attendees with samplings of erotic play. This year, if you feel so inclined, the Center for Sex Positive Culture will have several experts on hand to let you get a little taste of erotic wax, electrical, and rope suspension. You can even get a souvenir decorative rope harness to wear at the Festival & take home! Remember that observation is a valid form of participation, and we encourage you to explore new territory.

Sensation City is a weekend-long interactive installation at the Festival. Check our schedule for exact times Sensation City is offering experiences.

The Center for Sex Positive Culture is a members-only non-profit social club. The Center is a sister organization to the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, sharing the mission to promote the many ways sex is beneficial by offering a place for people to organize and hold events.

We hope that Sensation City with delight you with new experiences, inspiring conversation, and consideration of what inspires you.



Binary Fucked

by SIENNA and Knome Estectics

Bringing it to the basics in our electronic times–­the binary relations of a Zero and a One, repeating, replicating, communicating thru the endless cosmic fuck.


All in a Days Sex Work

All In A Day’s (Sex) Work

by Wayfaring Photo

A balanced, thorough, somewhat tongue-in-cheek investigation into the daily lives of sex workers, this installation seeks to answer the question “who are these people?”. This ongoing narrative includes you. We invite you to hear the stories, talk to live panelists, and tell your own story.