Presenting: Our 2014 Masters of Erotic Art

The votes are in! Please join us in welcoming the artists who will be inducted this year into our Masters of Erotic Art program.

Congratulations to all nominees. We are honored to be given the chance to celebrate their work, and to introduce it to generations of erotic art lovers in the years to come.

Paul Dahlquist


Paul Dahlquist has been taking photographs and drawing since the 1940s. While his initial focus was painting and drawing, he began to truly find himself as an artist through the medium of photography.  He has a large body of work focused on male nudes and male homosexuality from a time when that was a dangerous subject to document and present as art.

“Everyone, in their own way, is an absolute miracle of being.”  

Mr. Dahlquist’s camera seeks out and celebrates life. Whether he finds life in the human body, the curves of landscape, or the juxtaposition of voluptuous pottery and a male nude study — the interplay of shapes and rolling rhythms is a joy to see and experience. Even his most abstract work is not purely objective or detached. “I… celebrate the miracle we all are. These images may help people to accept themselves and each other and make this world safer, saner and more just!”


Michele Serchuk

selfgracia135b (1)

Michele Serchuk takes erotic portraits of her subjects, showing the often subtle and always powerful forces that come from within to shape our sexuality. She has been shooting her evocative, intensely personal erotic portraiture in New York City for almost two decades. She’s exhibited at group shows in several major North American and European cities, and in solo exhibitions in New York City and Philadelphia. Michele has lectured at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and the Kinsey Institute, led workshops and presented across the US and Canada, been interviewed in print, on webcasts, podcasts, radio and cable TV. Her work has appeared in numerous US and European fetish and erotica magazines, and as cover art for dozens of books.