Stimulate Your Senses with Aaaahz!

Take your Seattle Erotic Art Festival experience to a whole new level with Aaaahz!, our sensual exploratorium where you can interactively experience a curated collection of erotic treats. Aaaazh! was first introduced at our 2016 festival to the delight of many attendees. We’re bringing the experience back this year, complete with all the activities you love, and a few new surprises to keep you on your toes.

Returning for your Pleasure…

Join us in the Painting Parlour where you can experience the erotic thrill of painting the naked human form. Paint by the numbers, paint a pattern, or “kiss and tell”. The truly daring can become a canvas themselves!

For those who love to touch: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your hands all over someone in smooth, silky latex? Vespa of Reflective Desire appears before us and makes its latex-clad body available to the public at the Groping Station.

New this Year…

Take part in the first sexy scavenger hunt of its kind! In Aaaahmazingly Racy, you will perform challenges tied to the five senses. Complete these challenges to earn clues that take you on a tour throughout SEAF, becoming part of our “ambient experience” as you race to finish line where delightful treats await! The Aaaahmazingly Racy experience requires a separate ticket, which you can purchase in advance beginning March 15th. Tickets can be purchased here.

Push your inner erotic being to the edge in Sensation Alley, with a number of toys designed to get you going. These toys will allow you to explore a collection of sensations— from soft, to shocking, and everything in between. Don’t worry, your clothes won’t get in the way of this fun.

Delight in the highly textural, sensual experience of Please Touch My Hair. This station features a set of models who will allow you to touch, brush, or comb their lovely locks.

All Aaaahz! interactive activities will be available Friday and Saturday evenings, and are included in the price of a Weekend Pass, Saturday All-Hours, or VIP ticket (with the exception of Aaaahmazingly Racy, which requires a separate ticket). We hope you’ll take part in one, or many, of the sensual offerings available!

Mark your calendar; SEAF 2017 is just around the corner! Three days of erotic art, evocative performances, and more are happening April 28-30 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. See you there!