Aerialists, riggers, and rope – Oh My!

One of our favorite qualities of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is that there is always something happening.  Whether it is our performers, readings from our literary artists, or our many installation pieces that invite you to become one with the art, you can almost always find a way to become immersed in the Festival, above and beyond looking at our captivating gallery of visual pieces.  We are delighted to announce that the aerial stage returns this year, and would like to introduce you to some of the daring darlings that will be braving ropes and heights to entertain you throughout the weekend.


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Saskia & Special Guest
This aerialist builds high-rises by day and hangs on a rope by night. While sometimes referred to by the name Saskia, this creature hails from the far away land of terrifying children’s books, is a product of catholic school, and loves blending the lines between circus and kink. It’s gonna get weird. (Photo by John Cornicello.)



Aurora Violet

Swinging from ceilings in Seattle since 2007, Aurora Violet is a vivacious bondage enthusiast. Born from ropey curiosity and exhibitionism, Aurora began exploring and training in circus aerials in 2013. She is delighted to share these passions with you in her relationship with gravity.


Amy Funbuttons

Amy is an aerial inferno and has been heating up stages in the Seattle area for over 7 years. She can’t wait to ignite your fire on the SEAF stage for the first time.





LOOM and Olivia Lyon
LOOM and Olivia Lyon are rope enthusiasts, artists, and educators located in the PNW (Vancouver, BC and Bellingham, WA). As of 2015, Liv and Loom started to travel internationally both as presenters and as performers, contributing to such events as Bondage Expo Dallas, NARIX in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, La Nuit des Cordes in Montréal, Morpheus Bondage Extravaganza in San Francisco, BeachBind in Jamaica, and various other burner/fetish events. When they are not in the studio or on the stage, they give back to their rope communities by teaching bi-monthly rope labs, various intensives, and rope shares throughout the left coast.


Reighemonde and Agent 99
Raymond (@reighemonde, he/him pronouns) and Emily (@agent_99, she/her pronouns) regularly teach Japanese style erotic rope bondage together and have performed at places such as SEAF, Twisted Windows, and Folsom Street Fair. They enjoy the intense connection of rope, as well as the restriction of movement and psychological play that can happen. Raymond and Emily can be found on Instagram and Twitter.


YumYumPanda and Subtlybound
Panda has been in the scene for 6 years and actively growing as a top-heavy rope switch for 5.5 of those years. Subtlybound has been rope bottoming for 2+ years. The two found each other a year and a half ago, and have worked hard to establish a dedicated partnership, inspiring mutual growth in and out of rope. Exchanging an energetic connection while building shapes and sequences, and constantly challenging each other to incorporate new elements in their play leaves them fulfilled and excited for their future together.


Agent 99 and The Raw Kitty
Agent 99 (she/her) and The Raw Kitty (they/them) are two Seattle area rope switches that love performing in order to introduce new audience members to the joy and fun of rope. Agent 99’s rope is erotically charged and tortuous, twisting her partner into sexy and challenging shapes. The Raw Kitty is an introverted exhibitionist who loves nothing more than being in rope in front of a crowd.





Provocations and 1timeatbandcamp
1timeatbandcamp adores rope and has been bottoming for 2.5 years. She loves connecting with her tying partner, and enjoys the mental and athletic challenges of rope suspension. Provocations is an instructor with Full Circle Kink and Champion of the 2019 Cutthroat Dungeon. He enjoys rope play, non rope play, and writing bios.





KnottyDevil and Kkinky Lips
KnottyDevil has been addicted to rope for the last 2 years. He literally cannot go 3 days without tying someone up. (himself included) Kkinky lips has been getting tied up by Knotty devil for a year now. She loves being active in the rope community and has just started suspending some of her friends as well. So naturally these two started suspending each other. Sometimes, they even do it at the same time.


CuriouslyJustMe instantly fell in lust with rope at the end of 2017. She began obsessively going to classes, rope groups, rope hangouts, and doing all of the ropey things she possibly could. When even that couldn’t quiet her desire to be constantly wrapped in its embrace, she began to self-tie. CuriouslyJustMe loves rope for the many types of experiences it facilitates, her most favorite being the incredibly intimate connection with another human; so fully consumed by one another, by the experience, that nothing else exists in that moment of time.


Andrinara and Valleyroses
Andrinara and Valleyroses are both queer, femme switches with a love for rope. They believe that rope is for every BODY and want to highlight that in their performance. With a flair for improvisation, their Japanese-inspired rope will put the “fun” in sadomasochism.






BlkStar and SamanthaVim
BlkStar and Samantha have been tying partners for two years, their dynamic changing from laughter to pleasure and pain moans and back again. Both enjoy experimenting with creating new ties. Creating rope art. Pushing things to the edge. Playful kitties that found the best in each other. BlkStar’s shy sadist Rope Top to Samantha’s exhibitionist masochist bottom nature, making a purrfect pair.




Holly Crew
Holly fell in love with rope in the fall of 2016 and has since focused on improving her skill set through educational opportunities within the local rope community. She enjoys bottoming for performances or collaborative artistic projects and has focused primarily on rope that challenges her physically and emotionally with suspensions or painful mean rope.


Be sure to come for the weekend and don’t miss a moment of these spectacular performances and more.  We do so hope you join us!