Important Dates and Information for 2018 Artists

Artist Portal

SEAF c/o Gallery Erato

309 First Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104

December 1, 2017, noon

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Call for Art opens – Submissions collected at

January 15, 2018, 11pm

Call for Visual, Literary, Store, Stage Performance, and Installation Art Closes

January 31, 2018

Call for Interactive Performance Art Closes

February 8

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Jury Results announced for Visual, Store, and Installation Art

March 2

Jury Results announced for Literary, and Performance Art

April 2-20

Shipped Visual Art to arrive at location TBA

April 24, 4PM-8PM

Hand-deliver Visual, Store, and Installation Art to — Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, 301 Mercer Street Seattle, WA 98109

April 27-29, 2018

Seattle Erotic Art Festival — Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, 301 Mercer Street Seattle, WA 98109

April 29, 2018, 6pm-8pm

Unsold Art Pick up — Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, 301 Mercer Street Seattle, WA 98109


Artist Contracts and Documents

SEAF 2018 Art Consignment Contract

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SEAF 2018 Installations Contract

SEAF 2018 Author Contract

SEAF Art Info Sheet-2018

SEAF 2018 Inventory Sheet

Model Age Certification (Only needed for photography.)

More information visual and installations artists:

Art Framing Guide

Art Packing Guide

2018 Artist FAQ

When can I submit my art?

Our Artist Submission Portal will accept entries for Visual, Literary, Installation, Performance, and Store Art between noon December 1, 2017 and 11PM January 15, 2018.

Where do I go to submit my art?

Go to our Artist Submission Portal (often referred to as The Portal) at The Portal is where you will pay your fee(s), unless you are submitting a performance proposal, upload your art images, and enter the information about yourself and your art.

How do I submit my art?

  • Go to
  • To register a new account, click on “Sign In” in the upper right hand corner.
  • The next page will give you a login page, click on “Sign Up” below the login fields. (The portal does not carry information over from previous years.)
  • Now you will be able to enter an email and create and confirm a password.
  • Clicking on the “Sign Up” button will take you directly to the page that allows you to create your artist profile.
  • Once you fill in all the info, click the Create Profile Button.
  • ​If you are an artist residing outside of North America, ​your payment will be waived automatically and you can skip the payment steps.
  • After you have created your artist profile, click on the “Payments” button in the top menu.
  • Choose which call for art you wish to pay for: Store Merch/Art; Visual Art; Installation Art; Literary Art
  • After you have paid your submission fee, click on “My Submissions”.
  • This next page will give you blue buttons that say “+Submit ____ Art” of the name(s) of the call for art which you have paid a submission fee for. Notice that Stage Performance Art and Interactive Performance Art submission buttons are always available, as there is no fee for those calls.
  • After clicking on the “+Submit ____ Art”, you will be able to enter the information of your entry. One piece of art per form, please.
  • After completing the form, click on the “Create Art” button to save your entry.

What are some of the benefits of submitting my art to the Festival?

There are many benefits to submitting your work to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival:Everyone who pays a submission fee receives a discounted admission to the Festival. Accepted visualliterary, and installation artists will:

• Receive a full pass to the three-day Festival for their personal use

• Receive an invitation for self and a guest to our exclusive Artist Reception and Opening Gala with our Art Activists, VIPs, and other artists

• Be featured in the Festival, for an audience of thousands

• Be part of an exhibition with high art sales and competitive commissions

• Be featured in a keepsake Festival program

• Be promoted on the Festival website

• Be offered printing and framing opportunities and artists’ workshops (for Visual artists)

• Be included in a professionally produced Anthology, and have an opportunity to be a part of the popular Poets’ Tour (for Literary artists)

Accepted performers will:

• Receive a pass to the Festival on the evening of their performance(s) for their personal use

• Receive an additional day or night ticket for their personal use

• Be promoted on the Festival website

Accepted store-only artists will:

• Have their artworks and merchandise offered for sale to thousands of visitors and eager collectors

• Be included in discounted printing and framing opportunities, and artists’ workshops

Why do you ask for a legal name?

Your legal name is required to ensure your entry as a selected artist at the Festival, and for payment if we sell your art works or store items. If you prefer to use a professional name that is different from your legal name, this will be used for any public purposes (name tags, catalog, website, etc).

Who can submit art to the Festival?

All artists from across the nation and world, of all ages (18 years old or older), genders, orientations, ethnicities, proclivities, etc., are encouraged to submit their art for consideration.We accept visual art of all mediums, installation art, literary art, performance art, and pieces for the Festival Store. Note that you must be the artist of the piece in order to submit the work. If you submit art and are not the artist, you will be disqualified.

Why do you limit my bio to 300 characters? Why can’t I include my website address?

We display artist bios alongside the artworks in the exhibition, so visitors can immediately get a greater sense of each piece of art and the artist behind it. We limit your character count to 300 so that bios are short and catchy, easily consumed in the flurry of an evening. We believe that art sells better when people engage with the works in the present tense, within the exhibition–so we do not display artist URLs in the exhibition. However, viewers can get website addresses and more information about artists by asking our Festival docents and visiting the festival website. Artists who are able to attend the festival are encouraged to interact with patrons and share their contact information.

Why should I submit my art, when I submitted it in the past and it was rejected?

Submitting your work can incite the angst of possible rejection. We get this. And who needs to subject themselves to this repeatedly? Frankly, an average of 75% of the visual art works submitted each year will not be accepted into the Festival due to space restrictions. Certainly, “not-accepted” could equate with “rejected”, but there are many reasons why some art makes it into the exhibition, and some does not. Each year the jury is new–different people with different views of the world. “What is erotic?” has incredibly subjective answers. This is why we have a variety of jurors and new jurors each year so that no interpretation of erotic goes unseen. If a particular jury does not choose your art, that only means there weren’t enough jurors who liked it, not that it wasn’t good. Having your art declined does not mean you aren’t a good artist. So, if you believe you are submitting your best work, and you believe it is erotic, please try again. We want to see it.

I don’t want my friends and family to know I am participating in SEAF. Can you help me?

Yes. Many of our artists separate their erotic work from other aspects of their lives by exhibiting under professional or pen names, or pseudonyms. Our Festival systems are set up to protect your identity, and our staff and volunteers are sensitive to this confidentiality. Our administrative crew does need to know your legal name, so don’t be surprised when we ask for that when you make your art submission(s). But this is for bookkeeping and legal reasons only. All external references to artists use the name in the “Professional Name” field of the artist profile that has been designated during the submission process.

It is very important to us that you feel safe sharing your art with us and the world.

My art is fragile. How do I know it will be safe?

Our art handlers are all given training in the safe handling of all forms of art. Notes (including photographs) are taken when art is unpacked so we can recreate the original packaging in the event a piece does not sell. We encourage artists to enclose any diagrams or instructions they think would be helpful to our art handlers. A specially-trained security staff monitors our exhibitions. They are alerted to any particular concerns or requirements of a piece of art. Our docents supplement the security staff, and can help visitors interact with those works that artists deem interactive. Our Festival has safely received and exhibited a wide range of works including a 6′ x 8′ beaded portrait, living sculptures, delicate hand-bound books, and many photographs on metal. If your work can be adequately crated and safely shipped, we can take care of it once it reaches us. Our receiving staff is trained in promptly dealing with works that are damaged in transit. The damages which might occur in transit are a risk the artist must be willing to take; we cannot assume those. If your artwork would require special accommodations in the exhibition, e.g., living objects, you can contact [email protected] to confirm that we are willing and able to make such provisions. Neither our Festival Director nor our Visual Art Manager sit on the visual art jury, so we can review your works without compromising your entry. We cannot give advice about what works the jury might accept; we can only discuss special needs a piece might have for display in the exhibition.

Who “owns” the art and therefore can submit it?

For most art, the creator or maker owns the art. In the case of photography, the person who took the picture/clicked the shutter of the camera is the person who owns the copyright to a picture and can submit the piece, unless I contract has been signed indicating otherwise. In the case of collage art, typically there is no concern over the ownership, as it tends to be covered under “fair use” laws. That said, collages need to be sufficiently your own art/creation, and are considered on a case by case basis by the jury.

What do I do if the artwork is a collaboration and I wish to credit others?

If your artwork is a collaboration, decide which artist will be the main contact person, and that person will submit the artwork. The contact person can then add information during the submission process under “Notes” to identify that it was a collaboration. Note that this counts as a submission for both artists. (So if the person listed as a collaborator is also paying a fee and submitting art, this piece would count toward their 5 submissions.)
I cannot attend the Festival, may I still submit art?
Yes, you may still submit art. Attendance of the Festival is not mandatory for submission.

Why can’t I enter the exact price of my art?

The Festival only prices art in whole dollar amounts. Enter only the dollars with no decimal point and no cents. EX: 550

I will not be attending the Festival, can I give my artist pass and/or discounted ticket to someone else or get a refund?

No, you cannot give your artist pass to someone else or get a refund. These are offered as a special thank-you for your submission; they are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Will you ask for model age certification?

Yes. In order for photographic works to be displayed at the Festival, we require a declaration form from all accepted artists. Artists will provide this when delivering their artwork to the Festival. All models whose images are displayed in the Festival must have given consent to be photographed and were at least 18 years old when photographed. This applies to photographic (digital and film) art. It also applies to any mixed media art that contains photographic images of people. On the form, you will certify that you have personally verified age by witnessing documentation, such as a driver’s license or passport with photo, that the model was over 18 years old at the time the image was taken, and that you have collected and maintained individually identifiable records for each model. Those records must contain the models’ names, dates of birth, stage names, and any other names they have ever performed or modeled under. This certification is necessary regardless of the apparent age, identifiably, or the completeness of the image of the model(s). We will not ask for a copy of your model release.

Do you accept transparency slides?

No, we do not accept transparency slides.

How should I frame my art?

We ask that all accepted visual artists deliver their work framed, complete with hanging wire, or otherwise ready to hang on the walls. We recommend acrylics over glass, as it is lighter (lower shipping costs) and less likely to break. To reduce shipping costs, you may wish to ship unframed art and have it framed locally in Seattle, or even provide an electronic file of your print to have it both printed and framed locally (at your cost). Check below for information about framing and printing sponsors.

What does “publish in promotional materials” mean?

Promotional materials include the Festival website, posters, postcards, advertisements, programs, etc. We recognize that not everyone wants all information published, therefore we have given you the option of providing permission to publish information regarding your website, email address, state/country of residence and individual images. We only publish “professional” information for accepted and invited artists, keeping all personal information such as legal names and home addresses confidential.Giving the Festival permission to publish your information also enables our staff to assist patrons in contacting you if they are interested in your art. Similarly, we will not publish your images on the Festival website or in any catalog or catalog-substitute if you deny permission for image publication.

How do I price my work?

This is dependent upon many factors, including the cost of your materials and framing or other installation preparation, the value of your time, your reputation as an artist, etc.Here are some websites that might be helpful:

How should I deliver my art?

All accepted artists will receive delivery/shipping instructions soon after receiving the acceptance notification. Artists can either drop-off the artwork in person, or carefully wrap all artwork and ship it to the mailing address we provide below. Note that the shipping address is NOT at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

What happens to unsold art?

Artists have three options for unsold art.

Artists can pick up artwork in person during the designated time, or have an authorized person pick it up.

For return shipping, artists must provide a return shipping label with the original shipment of art (with the carrier of their choice). Note that FedEx shipping labels are not billed until the label is scanned and processed for return shipping, so if the art sells and there is no return, there is no charge.

Artists can donate any unsold work to the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, a 501(c)3 non-profit and producer of the Festival.

Note that if no return shipping label is provided and no one picks up the art, it will be considered a donation to the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture.

Do I retain the rights to my work?

Yes, you always retain all rights to your work. You will be asked to authorize us to publish your work in our catalog and on our website (and in the literary art anthology if you are a literary artist), and we only have permission to publish in a limited capacity. You may submit your work to other festivals and events without restriction. All art that is featured on the website and catalog is watermarked/accredited.

I forgot to document (photograph) my work before I sent it; can I get it back?

It is important to make sure you document your work for your portfolio, including taking high-quality photographs, before you ship or deliver it to us, especially if it is a one-of-a-kind. If it does not sell and you have completed your shipping or pick-up information, your work will be returned to you once the Festival is over. Work that is sold will be given or mailed to the purchaser at the end of the Festival. We will not return artist work that has been sold.

May I contact the person who purchased my work?

Art patrons and collectors are given the opportunity at the time of purchase to give permission to be contacted by the artist. Contact the Artist Liaison to request purchaser contact information at [email protected].

Who do I contact if I have questions that are not answered here?

Please email [email protected] for all other questions or concerns and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

I’m accepted! When can I ship my art?

International artists may begin shipments at any time.

US-based artists may begin shipments for delivery on or after April 1, 2018

All shipped art must be received by April 20, 2018. Ship art to:

c/o FSPC
Seattle WA 98107

In-person art drop-off of EXHIBITION, STORE, and INSTALLATION art is April 24, 2018 from 4pm until 8pm. The location is:

Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
301 Mercer Street
Seattle WA 98109

Special arrangements for art shipments and drop-offs must be discussed with our Artist Liaison.

What about paperwork? Where do I get that?

All paperwork that will be submitted with your art will be available for download and printing. 2018 paperwork is being prepared now and will be available for download soon.

Some of my paperwork asks for my “Artist ID.” How do I find that?

 Your Artist ID is available through the Artist Portal on your submission page.

As an artist who submitted work to the 2018 Festival, what’s my admission discount?

Discounts for artists who paid a submission fee are based on the highest fee paid (either $16 or $35). One discount code per artist. Stay tuned for codes to arrive via email.

What are your rules about framing?

All 2D work in the Festival is expected to be framed with hanging wire on the back, with the exception of works on stretched canvases (the sides of which must be painted). The style of frame is up to you, but there are some restrictions; our 2018 Art Framing Guide will be available soon.

Your art must arrive ready to be hung. Art that is not ready to be hung in a secure fashion may be refused, at the discretion of our Lead Art Handler or Festival Director. See the guide linked to above for more details about hanging hardware.

If your work has special hanging or display requirements, please contact our Artist Liaison to make advance arrangements.

How do I pack my art for shipment or delivery?

Whether you are shipping or hand-delivering your art, it must be packaged sufficiently for transport.

Artists who are hand-delivering art: you do not need to seal your packaging, because we will inspect your work upon arrival, but you must arrive with sufficient packaging for the safe transport of your work to the venue. Work that is inadequately packaged may be refused by our Lead Art Handler or Festival Director.

Where can I have my art framed? 

Gallery Frames has been a frequent sponsor and longtime supporter of the Festival. Their focus is on museum-quality framing, and they are offering our artists a 15% discount. (Discount applies to acid-free mounting on 100% rag mat board. Other mountings available but not subject to discount. Signed agreement is required before framing begins.)
625 First Avenue
Seattle WA
Tuesday-Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

Are there any options for printing my art?

Thomas Parks is a local printer willing to print pieces for accepted Festival artists at discounted rates. He can print on paper or canvas, up to 24″ wide, by unlimited length. Contact Thomas at [email protected] for more information.

See you at the show!