Calling All Volunteers!

Friends! Lovers! Art enthusiasts! Lend us your hours!

As the delightfully sexy art festival that we all know and love draws ever closer, it is time for us to once more reach out to you, our beautiful community, and invite you to volunteer at this year’s Seattle Erotic Art Festival!

As you may or may not know, volunteers are what make SEAF possible. From the planning committee to the leads of each department to the crew building walls to the people taking your tickets at the door, we are all volunteers. It takes a small army of generous souls working together to make the festival a reality.

We have two (yes, two!) All Call Volunteer Meetings coming up, where you can meet different leads and learn more about the festival up front and in person. The first is Saturday, March 23rd at 11:00 a.m. and the second is Wednesday, April 3rd at 7:00 p.m. – both meetings will take place at Gallery Erato. While anyone can attend either meeting, each meeting will focus more heavily on different departments, so be sure to check our social media as we get closer to see if you’d prefer one over the other!

So why should you volunteer? Well, to start, you’ll have fun! Our volunteers tend to be a diverse group of creative and interesting people with fun stories. Also, a number of our artists volunteer, and you might get the chance to learn about the art from the source. There’s also a sense of ownership that comes with volunteering; you’re a part of the festival now, not just showing up with your ticket. And you get to step away knowing that whatever role you played, it was important to making SEAF go!

All volunteers receive:
A gift bag of SEAF swag, art, stickers, and an insulated thermos/water bottle to take advantage of the facility’s fancy water dispenser.
Invitation to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Opening Thursday April 25th 8-10pm at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.
Access (during your shift) to the volunteer lounge with snacks.

For volunteer hours worked prior to Festival:
4 hours worked prior to Festival: get a discount code for 50% any SEAF ticket
8 hours worked prior to Festival: get a discount code for one free ticket to any day of  SEAF
12 hours worked prior to Festival: get a discount code for one free ticket to any day of  SEAF and another for 50% any SEAF ticket
16 hours worked prior to Festival: get a discount code for a Festival Pass
(See where this is going? You can even ask for 2 single day codes instead of a weekend code, too. We want to get you into the festival!)

For volunteer hours worked during the Festival:
Any shift worked during festival: Attend that day free (before and after your shift)

Volunteers who work Strike:
Additional comps include a ticket to the Seduction Halloween party for each 8 hours worked, and other Festival/Foundation-sponsored events.

New for this year: all discount codes and tickets are transferable!

If you’ve never volunteered for us before, head on over to our volunteer page and get yourself registered! We use a program called Volgistics, which will allow you to pick your shifts, the departments you would like to volunteer in, and learn more about the different volunteer openings as soon as they become available. It will also let you know if the position you’re interested in requires further training (like if you want to be a docent or work security). And if you have any questions, our Volunteer Coordinators are ready to help you, or direct you to the staff lead that can answer those questions!

So please join us, and be a part of creating the 2019 Seattle Erotic Art Festival!