Have a Conversation at SEAF 2017

Brand new this year at SEAF— our Conversation Corner! The SEAF planning committee made it a goal to be intentional about making space for building connections and exploring ideas through conversation. Whether you’re a social butterfly, or a bit of an introvert, you’ll find these spaces to be inviting, inclusive, and thought-provoking. We are excited to introduce our 9 stimulating Conversation Corner topics and facilitators, premiering at this year’s festival! Come join us for great conversation— you’ll find the Conversation Corner to the right as you enter the festival, just past Aaaahz!. Location is also specified on our festival program.

Conversation Corner Schedule

Friday, April 28th

Getting Close: Exploring Ways to Connect hosted by Shonda (8pm)

As more and more machines fill our lives, let’s take the time to remember the importance of connecting to each other.  Come talk about and explore ways that we can make sure that we stay connected through our words, emotions and physical touch. Please be prepared to participate and practice consent.


Big Love hosted by Jeffrey Roberts, “The Gay Uncle” (9pm)

A facilitated conversation on negotiating the erotic world as a person of size.  Jeffrey regularly performs comedy in and around Seattle.



Saturday, April 29th

Wise-Minded Polyamory hosted by Daisy (1-2pm)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) was developed by Marsha Linehan at the University of Washington as an evidence-based treatment for folks with borderline personality disorder, as well as other mental illnesses and mood disorders. The focal point of DBT is called Wise Mind, a mindful state that balances our rational and emotional minds, and helps us to be most effective in emotion regulation, crisis management, and communication. This conversation corner will workshop some DBT skills with a primary focus on navigating difficult emotions and conversations in polyamorous relationships. Daisy is a psychology student who has been active in the kink and poly communities in Seattle for two years. She has been studying DBT since 2014 and is partnered in a loving poly group with four other queer folks.


Everyday Eroticism and Self-Confidence: A Conversation for Women hosted by Jessica (3-4pm)

When we love ourselves, our self-confidence grows.  This love and confidence can help us to experience eroticism in our everyday lives.  We’re busy.  We have many responsibilities …yet even in the bustle of our daily routine, we can connect with our erotic selves.



Negotiating Queer Sex hosted by Mical (5-6pm)

Mical is a queer educator and activist at a local community college. Their work focuses on social justice, trans-inclusive sex practices, and intersectional feminism. They are originally from the Midwest and love cats, coffee, chocolate, and friends!



Roleplay Workshop hosted by TBD (7-8pm)

We’ve all heard it before: “Doctor, I’m here for my checkup”. “But I need an A, professor.” “Once I’ve taken your soul, I’ll take your body.” (Ok maybe not that last one)

If you’re like me, you avoided roleplay exactly because you wanted an authentic experience that sounds nothing like your typical porn script. If you’re like me, you’re also immensely curious at what it has to offer.

In a single hour, play a series of games that build you up to full-fledged roleplay. It won’t be cheesy, you’ll know exactly what to say and you’ll feel safe the whole time.

For beginners (or veterans who want to explore). No partner necessary. You won’t need any preloaded fantasies either. Just come as you are.


Fuck Yes!: The Ins and Outs of Enthusiastic Consent hosted by Kyle Mack (10-11pm)

This conversation will focus on the benefits of seeking and giving enthusiastic consent in romantic and sexual situations.  We’ll talk about why it is important and why it leads to better sex.  We’ll also discuss practical strategies for having the conversation without losing the heat of the moment.


Sunday, April 30th

What Makes Art Erotic hosted by Allena Gabosch (12:30 – 1:30pm)

Join Allena Gabosch for a lively discussion about erotic art.  Come prepared to talk about what is erotic and how art can depict the erotic in all it’s forms.  From the subtle to the blatant, is it erotic if it doesn’t turn YOU on?  Let’s talk about it and find out.  Allena is the former Executive Director of the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and one of the founders of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and has been collecting erotic art for over 15 years.


Politics in Erotic Art hosted by Jim Duvall (2:30-3:30pm)

Sometimes art can be a response to current politics. This can happen even when art is erotic in nature. But what about art that just turns us on. Is it political? Is owning or making erotic art a political act? How do politics and eros intersect in our world?


Get better acquainted with strangers, friends, and lovers over erotically-themed conversation at one of our many Conversation Corner sessions! Join us April 28-30 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Tickets available here!