Is Your Costume Ready?


White Rabbit and Mad Hatter at Seduction 2012

If you are as psyched as we are for Seduction this Saturday, then you probably already know exactly what you will be wearing. Whether clever, well calculated, or bone-chilling, your costume could earn you VIP treatment and hundreds of dollars in prizes. So if you have yet to decide which outfit to don, this should entice you to start now and step it up a notch!

When the clock strikes 12 we will gather up the guests who are sporting the judges favorite ensembles and they will be scored based on creativity, originality, and execution.

Three of the most impressive costumes will be chosen! Winners will be asked to pose for a photo op, and showered with prizes, including designated VIP passes for the rest of the night, and tickets to the 2015 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Grand Prize winners will also receive weekend VIP tickets to the 2015 festival.

 We hope you will dive into your wardrobe, your friends wardrobes, and local thrift store. Bring out your most creative, creepy, and tantalizing wardrobe pieces, and dance your sexy socks off!