What Day Should You Attend SEAF?

Visual art, performances, literary works, lectures, workshops, interactive stations… With so much going on at SEAF, you’ll definitely want to make an effort to attend each day. Can’t make it all three days, but still want to be sure you check out the things most important to you? Behold, our juicy guide breaking down the BEST day for you to be at the Festival.

Attend Friday If You…

  • Want first dibs on the art for sale

  • Are looking for a great night of art, conversation, libations, and workshops, without a party atmosphere.

Friday is opening night of the festival, with doors opening at 6pm to our 21+ crowd. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the visual art gallery, interactive installations, audio erotic, and the Festival store. Friday attendees have the widest selection of art available for sale, having not only first dibs on all art on display, but also being able to take part in the live painting auction, featuring the sensuous works of Cassie Murphy, Rich Stevens, Stefani, John Osgood, Sensei23, and CASH (hint, hint: art lovers). Our bar will be open and fully-stocked, so grab a glass of wine, and take a leisurely stroll around the venue. Friday night also hosts a number of guided art tours, interactive conversations, performances, and Aaaahmazingly Racy, our erotic adventure game. Doors close at midnight.

Attend Saturday If You…

  • Are ages 18-20

  • Want to paint and take home your own erotic art

  • Love a good party

  • Want to do ALL THE THINGS

  • Have a killer shoe collection

seattle erotic art festival brush strokesSaturday is the longest day of the festival, with doors opening at Noon for everyone 18 and up. Daytime gallery hours are quieter, providing guests with a more leisurely atmosphere for viewing art. From 12p – 6pm, you’ll also discover a number of guided art tours, performances, life drawing sessions, conversations, erotic guided meditation, and other interactive activities. Saturday features the first Brush Strokes class, our one-of-a-kind decadent guided painting session where you get to take home your fabulous creation. After 6pm, the Festival returns to a 21+ format, with a lively night in store for all attendees. You won’t want to miss Tobi Hill-Meyer’s reading from her newest book Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic, or Midori’s special performance at 9pm. seattle erotic art festival dance partyChallenge yourself with Aaaahmazingly Racy, an erotic adventure around the festival! If you have amazing shoes, show them off at our Vamp and Sole Shoe Contest. And if you love to get down on the dance floor, be sure to boogie your way to our Dance Party, featuring the scintillating sounds of DJs Ramiro and Mars. Of course, there’s the visual art gallery, interactive installations, Audio Erotic, and Festival store to enjoy during all hours. Doors close at 2am.[Editor’s note: If there was one day I would choose to be at SEAF, Saturday would be the day.]

Attend Sunday If You…

  • Enjoy a quieter atmosphere

  • Are 18-20 and want to view erotic art

  • Want to know more about the art selection process

  • Love spoken word and good conversation

Sunday— the last day of SEAF and the quietest day. This is a great day to view art in a calmer atmosphere. Sundays are typically less crowded, and tend to focus more on discussions and tours. This is your last chance to take part in an erotic guided meditation, participate in life drawings, or test your artistic prowess at Brush Strokes.  You can also delve into a discussion focused on “What Makes Art Erotic”, or “Politics in Erotic Art”. Let Tatiana stimulate your ears with a spoken word performance and reading from her book Oralicious: The Truth About Oral Sex, Intimacy, and Passion. Doors close at 4pm.

We hope this helps make your SEAF scheduling a little easier. Festival tickets are still available; purchase yours today!