Final Countdown to Vie for Awards

Y’all, better crank up your boomboxes and play your Europe tapes as loud as you can because it’s the final countdown.

Museum-quality Festival Store

Dance your magic dance and finalize your magically erotic art because you only have until 11 pm PST on Monday, January 15th to  upload your submissions for the 2018 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. (Unless you’re submitting for Interactive performance, because you, as Prince would say, sexy M-F’ers, have a different deadline.)

It’s very important for you saucy minx magicians tirelessly making tantalizing art to remember that each year our jury is completely new. So, that piece you submitted last year that didn’t get selected? That’s no reason to be discouraged, this year it might be selected. And even more than that, celebrated.

Jury’s Pick Award

Each year we allow our juror’s to select 3 artists to receive “Jury’s Pick Awards”. Award winners’ works receive a fancy ribbon denoting their prize, are invited to return to the next festival as invited artists, and a special surprise perk! These pieces are showcased during our Art Docent tours. Additionally, some of our juror’s decide to lead art tours and they can wax poetic as long as they like about their favorite pieces!

Another award that is given out at SEAF, is the Foundation Award. The piece that received this award is purchased by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture for its private collection. The Foundation Award winner is also invited to the following festival as an invited artist. You can see last year’s award winners here.

Be sure to fill out those bios and artistic statements in the notes sections, too. Each year we suggest our Art Docents select 3 artists to become experts on, which means those particular artist’s works are included and focused on during our Art Docent tours.

Quick, there’s only a few days left to submit, head on over to our Artist Portal and finalize your sexy art!

Submit Your Art!