Interact with Us!

A special note for all of our aspiring Installation artists

Your wonderful ideas for interactive installation pieces do not need to be completed at the time of submission. If you have more than one idea crashing around that pretty cranium of yours, you can submit up to 3 unique installation ideas. Proposals should be submitted in PDF format with any attachments of photos, sketches, or videos uploaded to the artist portal. We have $2000 in available grants, with as much as $500 available to support selected proposals. Entice us with your informative installation proposals NOW.

artists' books, artist, artRequest for Artist’s Books

Once again, we are encouraging any of our saucy submitters to add Artist’s Books to our myriad of celebrated mediums. Artist’s Books are a tradition at least as old as the 1700s. These creations give patrons a special view into the creative process of the artist. Beyond its contents, the book itself is a work of art, being typically handmade in small editions or one-of-a-kind pieces of art. We consider Artist’s Books to be a type of Installation art. Artist Books will be displayed in vitrines. Books will be accessible to attendees of the festival only by the artist themselves or by specially trained art docents.

Installations offer a unique experience

We value our installation pieces in a special way because they allow a deeper level of involvement for our festival attendees and patrons. While we don’t require installations to be available for purchase, we do ask that any Artist’s Books that are submitted be available for purchase. Their capability for an immersive experience in the artistic process is too valuable a treasure to keep to ourselves.

Read more about Installation Art submission guidelines here. Then, get your proposal in front of our Installation Curator, Andrew Moran. Remember, if you register and pay your submission fee by December 15th, the cost is only $16!