Come Play with the Interactive Performers of SEAF2018

Erotic art is all around you at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival – on the stage, on podiums, on walls, and screens. Even right there behind you! Our troupe will delight you with intimate, surprising, performances all around the Festival floor.

We are here to share moments with you – hyper-local experiences of love and lust, of beauty, of intensity and consent and connection, of passion and humor. We’ll be just around that corner over there, beckoning you to break the 4th wall with us.

Introducing the SEAF2018 Interactive Performance Lead

Aimee has performed and volunteered with SEAF in years past and is very excited to be leading this year’s Interactive Troupe. She has a Bachelor of Music degree in Voice Performance from the University of Washington, has sung, recorded and toured with a Baltic Women’s Ensemble for the past 7 years.

Aimee is now completely honored in working with more than 25 performing artists including the following individuals:

Icy London has graced the stage at all manner of venues and events, and is thrilled to be returning for another year with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.  She can be seen performing with Seattle’s very own contemporary classic burlesque cabaret, The Trinkettes, or flying through the air with the greatest of ease at Emerald City Trapeze Arts. Find her on Instagram at when you’re craving something cool.

Tom Hill is a new to the Seattle, WA art community (originally from Chicago, IL). In 2004 received his BA in Art, Communication and Theater from Monmouth College. Even though Tom has been performing on a professional level since he was a teenager in college is where he delved into performance art creations of experiential environmentally controlled happenings.  Tom founded a performance arts and entertainment company called The Carnival of Curiosity & Chaos, where him and his creative team built “WOW” happenings for various nightclubs and venues. Featuring acts of aerial acrobatics, fire performing, escapes, circus, sideshow, and flesh hook suspension along with various types of fetish based acts. Tom has exploded out on the scene for his artistic hook suspension performance pieces. Tom is an experienced and licensed professional that has been working in the industry performing body piercings and body modifications since 2010. Tom has toured all over the country with national tattoo conventions, as well as lectured on Hook Suspension and Needle Play showcasing those skills nationwide. To him, it’s not just another piercing, it is an unique and personal experience. Therefore, the specifics and details of each person in which Tom modifies are not only important, but is the basis of the quality work and open minded attitude when providing the fine body art. With absolute procession Tom skillfully executed needle piercings to create a complex and elaborate line work. The body is a resonating anchor point for the lines. His artistic vision crosses over into the care and attention to details with his piercings and needle play work. The connections are deeply evident when he works, tending to the safety and health of those who he suspends.


Mother Tongue is a two headed art making machine. Instagram handle is @mothertonguearts. Follow them on Facebook.



Alyssa is the owner and lead instructor at Positive Spin Pole Dance Fitness. She is incredibly blessed to have made a career of helping others find physical and emotional strength, as well as confidence, through pole dance. In the summer, you might find her doing spontaneous performances at various outdoor venues around the city. When she’s not on the pole, Alyssa’s other interests include music directing and writing musical theatre, and also being an active member of the Seattle Relationship Anarchy community. Shout out to the Positive Spin studio community that helped make this performance happen!


Jaime Waliczek has been performing as a dancer and choreographer for the last twenty years. She is the founder of Jerboa Dance, and acts as producer, choreographer, and dancer. Jaime only began her acrobatic career last fall. AJ Rogers is an acrobat with 8 years of experience. This will be her fourth acrobatic performance for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.




Yemoja Oshun is Divine Kitty, a playful pet who engages her senses for her pleasure and your delight. Her slow, alluring movements provide an experience that will bring a smile to your face and stimulate your passion for enjoyment. As she awakens your curiosity about the kink of human pet play, she seduces you to explore your own sensual, playful nature.



AcroNym is an Acroyoga performer and teacher with 7 years of practice. His partner Paula, who has little under one year practice, will be joining him for their first performance together at SEAF. The key to success in partner acrobatics is mutual trust. This performance symbolizes the blind trust that the performers have in each other.



David and Alyssa are accomplished kinky dance partners. Combined, they have nearly half a century of dance experience. They experiment, teach, and perform locally and internationally.  Together they enjoy exploring a nexus between technique and creativity, freedom and bondage, relationships and independence.



Gregor Parent (A.K.A “Sir Spankalot the Clown”)
As a self-proclaimed class clown, Gregor is thrilled to finally put his clowning to the test this year at SEAF with his talented and beautiful companion Me Hueman (A.K.A. “Kinkame the Clown”). In high school he became the youngest member of the ‘Writers Guild of America’ through his mediocre comedic contributions to the less-than-well received “New Love American Style” and slightly more popular “Charles in Charge” TV shows.  Later, while pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at MIT (where he unsuccessfully tried to convince his professors that “Silly-Putty is an excellent proxy for molten steel”) Gregor kept his wits keen as a frequent performer in the local “Comedy Sports” improv troupe. When he isn’t clowning around, he works as an Aerospace Roboticist helping robots develop a healthy fear of heights while learning to fly.

Me Hueman (A.K.A. “Kinkame [pronounced kink-ahh-may] the Clown”) A lifelong traveler native to the Great Northwest, Me is excited to take part in SEAF in her debut performance together with her Daddy Dom Gregor (A.K.A. “Sir Spankalot the Clown”).  Me is an avid mom, model, hitchhiker and illustrator and has traveled extensively around the country painting murals, bodies and cars, and being generally creative and adventurous. She aspires to inspire through her illustrations and performances and being a kinky clown is a wet dream come true.  When she isn’t drawing or reading comics, she can be found modeling for photographers, hosting online nude drawing forums, working on her tiny house and giant rock garden, or attending kinky and sex-positive parties all over Puget Sound. Check out her website at

Enjoy the Unexpected

Each evening, in specially lit areas of the of Festival floor, these performers will beckon you into their world. You won’t find them on the schedule, because they really never stop performing. With playfulness and consent, we invite you break the 4th wall during your time at the Festival! And remember, observation is a valid form of participation.

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