Introducing our up close and personal Interactive Troupe

We strive to make the Seattle Erotic Art Festival an immersive experience – we want you to not just attend but participate.  Part of how we craft a more communal Festival is through the playful efforts and exploits of our Interactive Performers!  These delightful creatives will be found throughout the space, both in our main area and the Velvet Lounge, offering unique moments to enhance your Festival weekend.


Being a sensation seeking kitty Yemoja Oshun’s alternate persona is Divine Kitty. Through the sacred kink of human pet play she awakens your senses and seduces you to explore your playful nature. Her alluring movements and playful interactions with those who engage with her create an experience that is stimulating for mind, body, and spirit.


Mer Majesty is a kinky, queer, non-binary merperson that craves sensual touch. Whether it’s the caress of water, rope, leather, skin, or a multitude of other sensation play items, they enjoy writhing with pleasure. Rough or gentle, Mer Majesty loves to play. With over a decade of competitive synchronized swimming experience from their younger years, Mer Majesty is excited to get back into performing to share their love of art and connection with you. After their splashing debut at Seduction 2018, Mer Majesty is dripping with anticipation to up the ante! Be forewarned that merfolk out of water are a bit feisty. They can bite… but you just might like it! You can find them on Instragram @mer.majesty.kink


Sailor St. Claire typically holds the reins as one of Seattle’s most beloved burlesque and cabaret emcees, but at SEAF she will demonstrate that she can master the equine as well as the ceremonial. Check out her Instagram @sailorstclaire





Photo by Katie Kihara

Icy London can’t wait to get her claws on you. Let her gently scrape, graze, and scratch her way across your skin. Or maybe you’d like her to really leave her mark. Whatever you fancy, Icy’s cool touch will leave you purring. Find her on Instagram when you’re feeling curious.







David and Alyssa are accomplished kinky dance partners, teaching, experimenting, and performing locally and internationally. Combined, they have nearly half a century of dance and other performance experience. Together they enjoy exploring the spaces between technique and creativity, freedom and bondage, relationships and independence. For SEAF this year, they are creating a piece about how connection can foster individuality and discovering the power of confident personal expression.


There are so many ways to celebrate life! Hot Beef Sunday is the erotically charged art/performance project by Biff Sunday. A theology freak and food fetishist, Hot Beef Sunday likes to get weird, nasty, sweet and savory. Interested in play, the value of the erotic, exploding duality and texturizing ideas of sacred & profane. Oh Glory! Hot Beef Sunday is passionate about the fight to decriminalize sex work.




Carey French has been called an erotic permissionary, a corporeal enchantress, and a sexy fruit witch. She opens pomegranates slowly. She works as a consent educator, boundary coach, and Somatic Sex Educator, weaving a vision to replace rape culture with consent culture. She thinks boundaries are sexy. She believes our words are a way forward into connection and celebration, and that our creative collaboration for the purpose of pleasure can heal us all.




Showstopper is a Seattle installation artist and dancer who came to kink via rope. They love exploring impermanence and surrender. Their favorite feedback when people see their work is “WTF?”







Lori E. Campbell, artist and performer, lives and works in the greater Seattle Area. She paints Botanical Erotica and you can find her work showing at The State of the Arts Gallery in Olympia. Painting on Happy People Skin is one of the things she loves, it is very sensual and erotic. In the past she’s painted folks as part of the Velvet Team for Little Red Studio; come and play with her at SEAF 2019!





Olesya Sky has been drawn to painting female form and expression since early childhood. As her skills developed, influenced and inspired by art of Boris Vallejo and Wojtek Siudmak, she began exploring visual poetry of human emotion and curiosity.  She loves adding a bit of naughty to her art and is looking forward to making her SEAF debut providing personalized mementos for VIP guests. You can check out her Instagram @Sky.Sister


Shannon joins us having been saved, time again, by the legacy of poets that have come before her. Transformed and indebted to this mysterious journey, she finds the act of invoking the poetic spark to be sensual on every level. The Poem Store is a performative public writing ritual that engages visitors intimately with the help of her muse, the typewriter. Her aim is at the heart of truth.






Maria Glanz is an award-winning actor, solo performer, writer, teacher and producer. Her solo works Pu’uhonua (place of refuge) and See Me Naked garnered Best of Fest honors at several US & Canadian Fringe Festivals. See Me Naked went on to runs in Seattle, Tacoma, Honolulu, and Yakima. Maria’s full-length drama VIC (Spirit Made Flesh) won the Richard Hugo House New Play Award and was produced by Open Circle Theater. A member of UMO Ensemble, Maria performed in and was dramaturg / lead writer for UMO’s Resistance Cabaret. She also performed in and was a lead writer (with Lyam White) for UMO ‘s acclaimed FAIL BETTER: Beckett Moves UMO. Maria most recently wrote FALLING AWAKE: a fugue state, which UMO premiered at ACT Theatre in spring 2018. While FALLING AWAKE was being performed at ACT, Maria was on tour throughout the U.S. and Canada in PostSecret: The Show. Maria received an Artist Trust Fellowship in Theatre and was nominated for a Gregory Award for her work in Sound Theatre Company’s The Belle of Amherst. She is currently an ensemble member of Civic Rep Theatre where she will be playing Maxine in The Night of the Iguana in fall 2019.


Madelyn Greco is a five-time World Champion Bodypainting Artist, of LivingBrush Bodypaint, USA. She and her husband are the only artists in history with consecutive 1st Place World Championship wins, sweeping five separate categories (2011-2014). They have captured international titles in Asia (2012, 2013) and North America (2010, 2011) and set a bodypainting Guinness World Record (2007). The pair are the first American Bodypaint Artists invited to present a TED Talk for TEDxGreensboro (2017). Madelyn is Director of International Competition for Jan Tana’s Bodypainting Revolution International Series Championships (USA/South Africa/Europe) and former Director/Producer/CoFounder of Living Art America: The North American Bodypainting Championships. Madelyn is an international teacher, lecturer, competition judge and competition emcee. She is a passionate advocate for the promotion of fine art bodypainting and the inherent joy of creating work that celebrates the human body as art.

Our Interactive Troupe is excitedly preparing to make your SEAF weekend one to remember!  Come join us!

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