Join The Conversation!

Last year, we debuted the Conversation Corner, and everyone loved it! The SEAF planning committee made it a goal to be intentional about making space for building connections and exploring ideas through conversation. Whether you’re a social butterfly, or a bit of an introvert, you’ll find these spaces to be inviting, inclusive, and thought-provoking. We are excited to present 5 stimulating Conversation Corner topics and facilitators! Most conversations are facilitated for approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours. We encourage you join in the conversation!

Come join us for great conversation— you’ll find the Conversation Corner to the right as you enter the festival, in the Literary Lair. Location is also specified on our festival program.

Conversation Corner Schedule

Saturday, April 28th

Racial Representation in Sex-Positive Communities hosted by Jenn P. (12pm)

Take a break from feasting your eyes to exercise your mouth and join this discussion to talk about racial representation in sex-positive communities. What does it mean to be seen? How does white fragility impact representation in sex-positive communities? How can predominately white spaces become more welcome to people of color? Bring your stories, ideas, and concerns.

Jenn P. is a scientist by training, an educator by vocation, and an artist at heart. She facilitates discussions around race, particularly in spaces of higher education. Currently reading Love is Not Colorblind by Kevin A. Patterson (much recommended), Jenn also is passionate about social justice issues and practices solo polyamory.

What is erotic? hosted by Jessica Lee (2pm)

What goes into the definition of eroticism? Eroticism can take on many forms, with the ultimate definition being deeply personal and unique to each individual. Join Jessica for an interactive, collaborative discussion where we delve into our own perspectives on what is considered erotic, and how different experiences can shape or redefine our views.

Jessica Lee is the Marketing Lead for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, consummate jack of all trades, avid pole dancer, and lover of all things erotic. You can occasionally catch her performing for her favorite sex-positive events, and frequently catch her raving about sex at her favorite happy hour spot.

A Conversation about Asian Fetishization hosted by Sophia Akiko Stephens (4pm)

Sophia Akiko Stephens is a writer, speaker, blogger, and advocate based in Seattle, Washington. Her/their intersecting identities and experiences as a Japanese Greek American non-binary chronically/mentally ill womxn informs their work, which includes organizations such as Everyday Feminism, Kids & Race, The Stranger, Youth Radio, and the University of Washington. With a strong commitment to social justice, education and accessibility, Sophia is proud to present a Conversation about Asian Fetishization — its histories, consequences, and manifestations with an intersectional gaze — with support from the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

Sunday, April 28th

Healing Trauma Through Art & Sharing hosted by Hiba Jameel (12pm)

One of the best ways to heal is to share your experience with others. I recently had a coordinated exhibit with a fellow artist where I went deep into my childhood and painted about my experience as a child in the gulf war. I have been diagnosed with PTSD (although not severe) and painting about my experience has aided in my healing.

Hiba Jameel in a multidisciplinary creative born in Baghdad in 1983, lived and witnessed the gulf war as a child of age 8. This experience was the scope of her latest exhibit (Atari Pains). In which The internalized wartime anxieties were explored via painting. her family left Iraq (escaped) in 1994 and had to hop to several countries as refugees and immigrants before the United Nations helped them get asylum and travel to the US.

Hiba has an academic background in biochemistry, cell biology and masters in nutrition science and policy . She is a self-taught figurative artist who likes to paint the figure and is constantly challenging its meaning in the eyes of public.

All In A Day’s [Sex] Work hosted by Blair Hopkins (2pm)

All In A Day’s [Sex] Work author Blair Hopkins (aka Wayfaring Photo) cut her teeth on the scene in Seattle shooting for burlesque production companies moved to New York City in 2010. She specializes in live music and events, with a secondary specialization in ad portraiture for erotic service providers.

For three years, professional photographer Blair Hopkins travelled the United States photographing and interviewing escorts, exotic dancers, adult film performers, dominatrixes, professional submissives, phone sex operators, and webcam performers. Her aim: to fill in the holes in our cultural narrative about sex work. Her findings: A menagerie of society’s outliers and cast of characters as uniquely fascinating, ambitious, tragic and cheeky as can be imagined, representing a full spectrum of humanity. Join Blair for a discussion about this project and challenge your notions about the cis-and trans men and women of this underground community.

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