Last Week For Early Bird Discount!

Does everyone have their pearls close by, because it’s time to starting clutching. We have only one more week remaining for our special submission price cut for Early Birds(GASP!) “BUT!” you cry, “my idea isn’t finished yet and I have so much to do this week, I’ll never get it done in time”. Not to worry, because you can submit now and edit your uploads endlessly until the 15th of January. Catch that Early Bird on the last day and you still have a month to fine-tune and finish your submissions.

Submit that ART on or before Friday, December 15th to get the slashed submission rate of $16 in honor of our 16th year. Also, remember you can edit your submission until the close of the Call For Art on January 15th, 2018. So hop on over to the Artist Portal and get yourself that sweet $16 submission fee.

Need more motivation? Check out this quick video about the festival and the SEAF2018 Call For Art!

Want more information? Check out the For Artists pages to guidelines, FAQ, and important dates.

Register and pay your fee now!