Five Reasons YOU Should Attend Seduction

In just a few days, Gallery Erato’s doors open, inviting Seattle’s sexiest art-lovers to the most sensually delightful Halloween party in the city. Check out the top 5 reasons you should attend Seduction, and get your tickets today (prices increase at the door)! From the moment you arrive, you’ll be treated to shockingly sensual surprises. Believe me, you’ll want to spend a very special night with us…we promise not to scare you too much.

In no particular order:

1| Performances All Around

Seduction has extra special performances by Seattle’s sultriest performers, on, off, and above the stage. Ms. Briq House is our lovely MC for with The Shanghai Pearl, Whisper de Corvo, Onyx Asili, and Crystal Storm. These talented powerhouses will put on two stage shows on Friday and Saturday! The evening continues with aerial and pole artists from Pole Fitness Seattle. Feats of strength and grace with amaze you. Swimming through the crowd, you will encounter members of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s Interactive performance troupe. Accept their invitations to interact for a spookily fun time.


2| Art Of The Depths

Add a unique and creative twist to your Halloween celebration with a bit of eye-candy served up with artistic flair. It wouldn’t be a Seattle Erotic Art Festival event without an array of visual art to stimulate your senses. Peruse our spellbinding collection, located in the games area. Photography, paintings, illustrations, and more will take your eyes on a hauntingly erotic journey through the minds of our artists. You’ll see a few familiar names as you take this journey; we’ve invited a number of SEAF alumni to showcase their darkest erotic pieces, including Stasia Burrington, Hooligan Lili, Jim Duvall, and Mani C. Price.

Learn more about the artists and visual art offerings at Seduction. We promise the perfect combination of tentacles and sensual!


3| Sounds that Make You Move All Night23018848075_e32f436481_z

The Seduction event team has a great set of DJs guaranteed to keep your booty shaking all night (or at least until 2am…any booty shaking after that will have to be arranged privately). Our musical talent creates sensual soundscapes perfect for grooving, while go-go dancers delight the eyes with their effortless movement. Enjoy our DJs’ musical surprises both nights of Seduction. And remember, the Party Crasher ticket will make sure you don’t miss any of the dancing. Check out the schedule here.


4| Come Play With Us

Do you have a deep, lingering desire to fully immerse yourself in the Seduction experience? Maybe you have some curiosity about the world of kink, or maybe you know it well? Seduction is the perfect place for you, our games and interactive stations will be sure to fulfill your fantasies and delight you. Take a break from dancing to explore different “sensations” throughout the night or play naughty versions of carnival games. Feel the exciting, sensual control of a rope harness or have a shocking night full of electrical play. Submerse yourself in hours of delights from 8p – 12am at various stations located throughout the venue.


5| The Costume Contest

The Seduction crowd seems to bring out the hottest, most creative costumes in Seattle each year. Our sexiest, scariest, funniest, and wildest attendees can strut their glorious costumes on our runway and compete for a number of naughty prizes, including VIP tickets to the 2019 Seattle Erotic Art Festival! Your participation make this erotically twisted costume contest a memorable one for spectators and participants alike. Want to participate? Read the rules, then register in-person at the sign-up desk next to coat check by 9:45pm. One of our lovely volunteers will take care of you from there. Don’t let all your hard work and creativity be in vain— enter our costume contest!

You’ll absolutely want to attend Seduction this year! These five things and more await you…See you there!


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