High Flying Performances at Seduction

Shelby Rae performing at Seduction 2017


After the Seduction stage show ends, the performances still go on! A pole will take center stage and a lyra will be set up on a special elevated aerial stage above the bar. On both Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th, these amazing performers will dazzle you with their athletic prowess! Pole Fitness Seattle is graciously sponsoring these two performance elements.

We are so excited to have aerial artists in the air and pole dancers at Seduction! Whether you get the full, VIP admission, or the “Party Crasher” ticket, you will be delighted by these lovely artists. Aerial and pole performances start at 11pm each night of Seduction.


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Meghan is a competitive pole dancer. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest her love for aerial arts began with her background in gymnastics. She later discovered pole and developed her signature style which combines athleticism with grace. You can find her instructing and training at Pole Fitness Seattle.




DasBee loves performing and has been dancing and teaching pole for over nine years. Not classically trained in any form of dance, she relies on pure sass and a dash of glitter to bring dynamic pieces to the stage.  Ladaska currently teaches at Pole Fitness Seattle and enjoys performing at local venues and competing in competitions across the nation.



Anna Clara Bouyant is a multidisciplinary circus artist who’s burnt herself to ashes and emerged dancing even if it’s to her own drum many times in avenues that vary but include theater and dance. She specializes in lyra, static trapeze, tightwire, and clown.  Her happy places involve circus, dancing, the wild unknown, seeing an underdog succeed, and having her hands encrusted in earth.



Onyx Wolf


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