SEAF2017 Visual Art Award Winners


Stasia Burrington and “Boy’s Night In”

At the Festival, every artists who gets their work in the exhibition is a winner. The jury agonizes over which pieces will make up the Seattle Erotic Art Festival Visual Art exhibition each year. And as a reward for their hard work, we ask them to choose three pieces that stand out just a little more than the rest to receive the Jury Choice Award. These artists will return to to the next year’s Festival as Invited Artists.

Here are the pieces of art that caught the 2017 jury’s attention. Feel free to visit these artists’ websites and see more of their work. Remember that some of their work and websites are NSFW. We realize that not everyone’s work environment is as permissive as the Festival’s offices.

And the winners are…

“Truong” by Allan Carandang

This year’s jury had a difficult time narrowing down their decision so we allowed them to pick four pieces.

For Jury Choice, congratulations to:

Stasia Burrington for “Boys’ Night In”, a drawing with sumi ink on hot press watercolor paper created in 2017 and measuring 20″x16″.

“Radiate” by daveclay

Allan Carandang for “Truong” a watercolor painting on birch plywood with a resin finish created in 2015 and measuring 48″x24″.

daveclay for “Radiate”, an oil and charcoal painting on panel created in August 2016 and measuring 36″x24″.

Singlechair for “Untitled”, a photograph created in 2016 and measuring 20″x16″.

“Untitled” by Singlechair

The visual art jury is also involved in the selection of the Foundation Award winner. The Festival committee purchases the selected piece from the exhibition to add to the Foundation of Sex Positive Culture’s private collection.

For the Foundation Award, we are honored to add “Boys’ Night In” by Stasia Burrington to our permanent collection.