Seduce Us…Our 2016 Seduction Costume Contest

23018761505_e2bf1fde9a_bI’m sure you’re thinking about it— naughty nurse, dashing devil, dapper diva, terrifying Trekkie, bondage Betty— putting together a Halloween costume is always fun, especially when costuming for our Seduction Halloween party! Treat our eyes to your most creative costume, and we might just reward you with your own sexy little treat. Read more on how to participate, then join us on October 29th for our erotically delectable soiree.

How to Join the Fun

Come to Seduction dressed in your ahh-mazing costume and locate the sign-up desk next to coat check. We’ll have dedicated volunteers available from 8pm – 10:45pm to get you registered and provide all the fun rules.

23018766305_06eb17dd37_zYou can participate in any of the following categories (one prize per category):

Our first round of contest judging will happen at 11pm at the Art Showcase. Finalists will be selected, and the final round of judging will be held at 11:45pm on the VIP stage. If you’re selected, you could win highly coveted VIP tickets to the 2017 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, or one of our other very naughty (and nice) prizes!

Pro Tip: Presentation is everything, and you’ll want to give our judges your all. Practice your slow saunters and your sexy sashays before the event, so you’ll be ready to showcase your costumed body in all its glory. Feel free to peruse our sexy photos from last year for a little inspiration.

Ready to show off? Enter if you dare…we’re waiting.

Tickets on sale now!