Seduction: a Circus of Performances

Seduction offers a variety of rooms to explore, like a circus and all its tents. The Midway will boast roaming performers. So, keep your eyes open for those small delights. The Big Top boasts aerialists, high flying bondage, and other circus arts. The Calliope, where the DJs will be spinning their magic, entices you with three stages of delights. The Oddities Emporium, is our VIP Lounge showcases our headliner, in addition to more roaming performers.

Due to the limited tickets to this year’s Seduction, you will want to purchase your tickets now! Tier 2 pricing is available until October 1st.

Oddities Emporium Lounge

EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! is a vocalist, songwriter, burlesque performer, and emcee based in Seattle, Washington. His whip clever and tongue in cheek songs are carried on vocals with a wide range, and delivery spanning sweet to gruff to flamboyantly cartoonish. As an emcee, his trademark is ridiculous narratives that turn tangents into points, line by line. As a burlesque performer, his camp, comedy, and sass have girded him with trophies and sashes from near and not-quite-so-near, television appearances (America’s Got Talent), and has made him a flaming figure of the festival circuit, who’ll fire your fuse and explode your senses. His exclamations will leave you marked!

Calliope Room

In addition to EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! in the Calliope Room, we have these amazingly seductive performers!

Photo by Jules DoyleCat princess by day and brat queen by night, Crystal Tassels is a kinky little kitten who made her burlesque debut in Seoul, South Korea. Both an accomplished chanteuse and burlesque performer, when she’s not singing or stripping, you’ll usually find her impersonating her cat.



Karmen Sutra is known for her classic inspired style influenced by the legendary strippers of the Golden Era. With her slow and coarse grinds, earth-shattering bumps and never-ending tassel twirls, she is sure to entice even those with a rock hard resolve. The Tantric Tease of the Mediterranean Sea, Karmen Sutra!


Penelope Rose – She’s a little thorny.

Charming audiences and crushing cupcakes – Seattle’s bonny bosomed burlesquer brings sassy bump & grind and a healthy dose of bawdy humor to her performances. Penelope Rose is a co-producer with Blonde Ambition Burlesque.



Whisper De Corvo, Seattle Dr.Sketchy’s own head mistress, the mythic muse, the meanest woman in burlesque and one of Seattle’s #NativeShowgirl s. She has won awards, performs nationally, and has an amazing..posterior.

Joining the Seattle burlesque community in 2007 she has been featured at the Windy City Burlesque festival, Fierce International Queer Burlesque Festival, Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival, the Great Burlesque Exposition and the Michigan Burlesque festival. A Co-producer in two production companies GossamarWing Productions and MurderApples Productions.


Icy London will seduce you with her cool charm.   Swathed in frosty elegance, her performances are enchanting, and her sultry intensity is sure to leave you with a chill down your spine. Icy is everything you desire when you’re craving something cool.



Maggie McMuffin: After years of combining nudity with other theatrical genres such as rock musicals and cabarets, Maggie started burlesquing in 2010 as the stage kitten for Montana’s premiere burlesque troupe. In 2013 she headed for Seattle, quickly becoming a local mainstay. Drawing inspiration from past and present pop culture, Maggie combines comedic flair with the gritty dance moves of 1970’s strip clubs. Known as The Pelvis of Justice, she’s here to hip-thrust her way into your heart.

Maggie is the current co-Mayor of Seattle Burlesque 2017 with Boom Boom L’Roux. And yes, she is the burlesque dancer who was kicked off of a JetBlue flight in 2016.


Syed Zakaria is a multi-media visual artist, tackling all things within the 3rd and 4th dimension. Connecting spiritually with hundreds of past lives, they’re here to show you glimpses of what has been, and more excitingly what could come.



Big Top Room

Parker RopeBoi is an interdisciplinary queer scholar and performer, who is internationally regarded for original solo shibari performances and self-suspension techniques. Parker’s performance work articulates with issues of abject and queer bodies, and engages questions of social bonds, boundedness, and boundaries, and the potentials for their transgression or transcendence.


Shelby Rae fell in love with aerial dance at Canopy Studio in her hometown of Athens, Georgia.  There is a rich lineage of modern dance and single point dance trapeze in the South. Although her aerial career and interests have expanded to the west, across multiple apparatuses, and through countless styles of movement, dance trapeze will always be Shelby Rae’s first love.



Shay Tiziano is a dynamic self-suspension and kink performer known for unique, intense, acrobatic rigs. She is an international kink educator based in San Francisco, where she produces bondage and fetish performance event Twisted Windows and BENT, the Bay Area’s biggest dungeon event.




Photo by Jim DuvallAurora Violet is a vibrant multidisciplinary performer based in Seattle. Brought up on ballet, tap, and jazz, she has been dancing since she was nine. In 2010 Miss Violet began her journey in aerial arts with a desire to train for bondage suspension. Along the way, in her love for movement based performance, an obsession with plastic circles was born. Inspired by the joy she has found in both hula hooping and taking off her clothes, Miss Violet has created a unique and original performance for your enjoyment.


Photo by Nakean PhotoSeattle Shibari is a Seattle-based rope artist who performs, ties for photoshoots, & teaches Japanese-style rope bondage. Traveling annually to Japan for further study with the masters, he works to spread appreciation for this beautiful art, and teaches and performs internationally. He performs tonight with the lovely Erie.




Photo by Alloy ImagesMs. Jessy Bell found the circus arts because she loved dance as a child, but struggled finding an appropriate expression as an adult. Attracted to the sexy ambiance of pole, she has invested years of training in that apparatus, but later began training with the silks to broaden her aerial practice. She is so grateful for this athletic and artistic outlet, as she feels it keeps her sane as she pursues an education in medicine.



Kel Bowie is a queer femme rope artist, fetish performer, Talent Coordinator for Insex, and a generally silly person.

Havana is a strong, experienced, and masochistic  rope bottom and she is a leader of Seattle’s Rope Enthusiasts and Bottoming Enthusiasts Groups.




GirlOnFire has been flying, tying and teach rope for years all across North America.  She has a passion for performing dazzling and sensual rope for curious eyes.  Tied by her partner Dragon who has been tying and teaching for even longer.  The two hope to titillate your senses and imagination with their rope work.


Photo by Matt FreedmanMany years ago, Sophia Sky and Geo combined their love of bondage and the aerial arts to create a dynamic dance in the air. Warning: this performance contains spinning people and may trigger motion sickness.




Raymond is an accomplished  Seattle rope top who pursues his passion for Japanese bondage. Trained all over the world, including Japan, Raymond focuses on the erotic and the connection with his partner. As one of the founders of The Seattle Rope Studio, education is a top priority of his.

Agent 99 is a Seattle rope bottom and pain slut who loves exploring the erotic connection bondage can create, while simultaneously being challenged by the intense demands of rope suspension.  As a pole dancer and martial artist, she pushes through pain to accomplish her goals.  In rope, she strives to transform suffering into beauty for her partner.