Seductive Experiences

One of our favorite parts of Seduction is the opportunity for shenanigans! Allow yourself to be tempted with games where everyone is a winner and experiences that will leave you breathless. No need to trade tickets for a chance to play, rather just step right up to each booth! As soon as doors open, there will be delightful experiences for you to discover and games to play.

Look closely and you will notice that many of these elements have their own sponsors and special guests. Get your tickets now to make sure you get your share of fun!

Come play with us!

Velvet Swing returns to Seduction with a saucy edition of a Sailor’s Tattoo Parlor. These lovelies will have a variety of temporary tattoos available for you to adorn your body. Ask nicely, and you can start a negotiation for help with the application.

This year’s Ring Toss features the a sculpture by Neil Doherty of NBKToys. Each turn, you will get three rings to toss. We have prizes for achieving 1, 2, and 3 rings on this gender-bending phallus. I bet you can get a prize regardless of how many rings you cast if you ask our volunteers nicely.

Our version of Cornhole is for a single player who throws bean bags shaped like breasts at a raised platform with a mouth hole in the far end. Whether you score a Cornhole, Woody, or Stanker, there are prizes for you. We even have a special prize if your throw is “Dirty”, because we think that is something to be rewarded!

Look for a special station at Seduction where you can play a cookie smashing game to retrieve your fortune for the evening. Another fun experience where the result is a surprise!

Interact with us!

seattle erotic art festival rope art classWe will have a secluded, outdoor area as our Cigar Lounge. Enjoy the decadence of a cigar in a sexy atmosphere. Whether you want a smoke break, or just need to cool off from dancing, the Cigar Lounge is available to all Seduction attendees. Every Seduction attendee will receive a voucher for a complimentary cigar or glass of wine. The Lounge is accessible by 3 steps down from the main floor, or by going around the building on level ground with a security escort.

The Seattle chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches are bringing knotty-ness to Seduction! Prepare to negotiate whether you want decorative or semi-restrictive bondage. Your talented rigger will work with you to give you a pleasingly binding experience. Once the rope is on you, it is yours to keep. Wear your bondage for the rest of the evening, if you desire!

What’s Halloween without a little scare? Come try out Electricity Play for an exciting experience. Our special technicians will offer you a taste of a violet wand. Furthermore, you determine the intensity, from a whisper of a tingle to and thrilling zap.

Be fed by our roving treaters! No tricks over here. Fabulously sexy attendants will be making their way through Seduction so to offer you savory and sweet treats. Some attendants will feed you, others will help you feed each other.

Finally, there are other experiences that we are keeping a surprise. Performances that invite your participation, and fleeting chance encounters await you October 26th and 27th at Seduction!

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