Inviting Performances at Seduction

Once again, our Interactive Performance troupe, the Wall-Breakers, have gathered a number of ways to engage with you at Seduction! Our Wall-Breakers will also be taking over our Go-Go blocks during the dance party. We won’t tell you all the off-stage antics we have planned, because tricks are as important to Halloween as treats. Be prepared to be invited into interacting and inspired to playfulness!

A sampling from our Interactive Performers…

LoLo Ramone, “The Iron Rose,” is a glorious alchemy of saccharine opulence and rebellious mischief. This petite beauty’s potent curves are sure to pack a punch! Wearing many performance hats, LoLo holds a BFA in theater from Cornish College of the Arts and is a Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque graduate. Her work is often interactive, rooted in social commentary and incorporating of various mediums. She looks forward to sailing the saucy high seas with you!


The Magnificent Mariella Mer is a kinky, queer, and non-binary merperson that craves the sensual caress of water against their body. With over a decade of competitive synchronized swimming experience from their younger years, Mariella is excited to get back into performing to share their love of all things water and fantasy with you. Be forewarned that merfolk out of water are a bit feisty. They can bite… but you just might like it!


When Tareq not pulling himself out of the wreckage of a sunken ship, Tareq spends his time on land performing with theater and fire circus troops such as the Atlanta-based Circus Combustus. Poi and fire breathing are the props of choice. If he can’t wrap himself in tongues of flames, a rainbow of LEDs is the next best option.


I am Magnon, part crow and part human. I am new to the human community. However, I have been in the crow community for nearly 40,000 years. Though time is not an important factor for my existence. While beginning this phase of my exploration, I have already found many things quite fascinating including: ropes, shiny things, dumpsters, large gatherings, and weak mammals. I am here in order to explore my fascinations and share them with my murder.


Euphoria dances in the Seattle community, primarily doing UNMATA-style improvisational tribal fusion, a vocabulary of movement drawing from bellydance, hula, and hip hop. Originally a member of the Society for Human Sexuality, a club at UW in the early ’90s, her sex-positive activism found a fertile community in Seattle. Grateful for the honor of dancing at Seduction, Euphoria wishes you sexy dreams!


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