Seductive Sounds – Our 2017 DJ Lineup

Dancer at Seduction 2016

We’re a little over two weeks away from Seduction, and our senses are already tingling with anticipation about the sexy treats planned for this year’s Halloween celebration.  A Halloween party just isn’t complete without music to make your booties shake, so the Seduction team rounded up a group of AMAZING DJs to keep you moving and grooving all night in two different rooms! Read about them below, and come see them in action at our party on October 27th!

In the Calliope Room, with the main stages and Costume Contest:

DJ Linenoise ~ midnight to 2am
Linenoise (Danne Stayskal) is synaesthetic—she sees what she hears and plays what looks good.

She brings her decades of classical training to her love of electronic music, performing around Cascadia and regularly at Burning Man. Her name comes from the phone phreaker communities in Texas in 1994. She was known for her noisy phone lines, and the name stuck with her. As a founding member of the Tautology arts collective, she builds on her passions for math and science to keep new music flowing through the Seattle and Portland tech sectors, music festivals, and warehouse parties.

Her sets regularly make the charts globally on Mixcloud in electronica, techno, downtempo, and ambient. She is also a regular on a few radio shows, including Spoondrift and SPiN SPiN, as well as pirate radio stations scattered around the country. Through many genres, she brings the style of someone who sees music differently.

Macksimal ~ 10pm to midnight

Macksimal has been dishing up infectious and interesting booty shaking music at small festivals and local events since 2013.  He got his start as a DJ after watching a friend spin at a festival, smiling the whole way through. “I think I can do that,” he said to himself, and he did.  He brings a flair for improvisation to all his mixes, which he learned through two decades of playing lead guitar, and rarely plans his sets in advance.  When he does, he always goes off-script anyway.  He believes that music should surprise, challenge and delight both your mind and your body and obsessively combs the Internet for fresh music and new sounds.  These days it’s mostly in the funky house and tech house realm, with lots and lots of bass.

He does it strictly for the love of it, and likes nothing more than seeing people dance and smile to the music he plays.  So come on in, feel the bass, put on a smile, and shake your ass.

CPK ~ 8pm to 10pm

Bio coming soon.



In the Big Top Room, with the aerial and bondage performances:


FabulousFab ~ 11pm to 2am
Fabulous Fabien Pichard started as a FM radio tech at the ripe age of 17 years old, in 1985. A year later he started DJ’ing for birthdays, wedding, corporate parties, etc… And created his own company, started leaving off of DJ’ing for the next few years. His love or old school funk got his heart and mind into house, tech funk, tech house, deep house. FabulousFab plays regularly with DJ Diem in the series. “We love to help burner camps by DJ’ing for their fundraisers, contact us and we’ll help!”

Mariu5 ~ 8pm to 11pm
Mariu5 first stepped behind the decks and pressed ‘play’ in August of 2009 getting his start doing a Tea-Dance and “Fetish” themed leather-latex underground dance parties. As in the past, so is has been since and into the present with Mariu5 still being a well-known fixture in Seattle’s Fetish, BDSM, and Industrial underground niches.

“I might have my roots in playing Industrial, but I enjoy transcending those roots and breaking out of that ‘box’ whenever the situation calls for it.”


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