Vamp & Sole Shoe Contest: Shoe Lovers, Unite

Are you a shoe enthusiast? If so, join us at the Festival Saturday night! The Vamp & Sole Shoe contest is an opportunity for SEAF attendees to have fun showing off their favorite footwear, participate in the magic of SEAF, and maybe even take home a great prize!

How to Enter

Participation is easy!  Just bring a completed registration form to the stage no later than 15 minutes before the contest begins and the contest staff will take care of the rest.  There will be a registration desk open an hour before the contest on the exhibit floor staffed with friendly folks to give you a form and answer any questions you may have.

Shoes are scored by a panel of judges on the following attributes:  aesthetics, quality of materials and construction, and how well the shoe harmonizes with the contestant’s clothing.  Any shoe made or significantly altered by the contestant will receive an automatic bonus.  The top scoring shoe in each of the three categories (heels, flats, and boots) will be awarded a prize.  The shoe that receives the highest score across all categories will be awarded Best of Show.  In the event of a tie the contestants involved will be invited back on stage and the shoes will be re-scored.

The Rules

Each pair of shoes may only be entered into one category and must be worn by the contestant on stage during the judging process.  The categories (heels, flats, and boots) are genderless and eligibility for each category is determined by the style of shoe being worn, not by the gender of the contestant.  The Vamp and Sole staff have final word on what category any entry belongs in.

Participation in the contest is first come, first served.  When all the available slots are filled registration will be closed.


8:30 – 9:15p Contest Registration

9:30 – 10:15p Vamp and Sole Shoe Contest

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is April 28-30 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Get your tickets today!