Thank you from the Director

Whew! Seduction was such a great party that it took us until now to recover!

Seduction: The Circus of Carnal Delights was a success on multiple levels. Between the performances all night long, the DJs, the volunteers, and all of you who made for the most delectable eye-candy, it was an amazing evening! Between nearly selling out and the bars, we made enough money to finish paying the rent for SEAF2018. Thank you, also, for your generosity at the bars, where your tips supported sex positive organizations, such as Camp Ten Trees.

Our Photography Director and her team have been hard at work getting the official Seduction photos up for your viewing pleasure. You can visit our Flickr stream and see them here. If you were in the VIP Lounge and had your photo taken, you can find VIP photos here. See what you missed or relive the evening!

The Midway was a so very much fun with SEA-PAH, Velvet Swing, and Lust Arts, among others. If you visited the Center for Sex Positive Culture photo booth and didn’t get your photos emailed to you, please let us know by contacting [email protected] so we can connect you with your photos.

We sold 33% of the showcase at Seduction! For those of you that purchased art, thank you for supporting artists who make erotic art. If you want a chance to see more dark erotic art, Divine Mania, one of our featured artists of Seduction, has a show at the A/NT Gallery through the 25th of November.

It is with the greatest gratitude that I bid you farewell. Now, I must get to work preparing for the SEAF2018 Call For Art to open on December 1st. Thank you, again, for making Seduction and amazing Halloween party!

Yours in art and shenanigans,
Sophia Iannicelli
Executive Director