The Art of SEAF2018

Hello, all you sexy lovers of erotic art! Let us tell you all about the art that we chose for #SEAF2018.

This year we got a total number of submissions of 1640 pieces of art submitted through our artist Portal from 405 artists. These submissions came from 21 countries around the world and 36 of states right here in our home nation.

Art Of All Flavors

Our Visual Art jury accepted what we believe to be the best, opting to accept 136 artists and their submissions. You can see the full list of accepted visual artists here.

Our Literary curator selected 27 artists and pieces of writing. These poems and prose make up the 2018 Literary Anthology. You can hear authors read on Friday, April 27 between 6:30 and 7:30pm in the Literary Lair. Purchase the anthology online or at the Festival Store. You can see the list of literary artists here.

Installations, especially the interactive kind, are a Festival favorite. This year’s Curator accepted 19 out of the 26 proposals submitted for consideration. It was a hard to find space for all of the proposed fabulousness. Luckily, we may be able to get some of them invited to next year’s SEAF! Read a bit about the installations here. Yes, there aren’t lots of details because some things can’t be put into words.

Performances In Three Arenas

The Ambient Performance Troupe changed its name to Interactive Performances. This new moniker reflects the the commitment to breaking the 4th wall to connect with Festival-goers. All but a few of the performance proposals were accepted & developed with our interactive directors. Get a sneak peek at some of the characters you may meet at the Festival here.

Our Stage performances are fresh and powerful each year because of our rotating Guest Curators. In addition to the surprises this year’s curators have come up with, we are pleased to accept many of the performance proposals that were submitted, like A Kink In The Cure. Come see what delights await you on our Main Stage.

Have you heard about Clara? That is the name we gave our aerial rig. Clara is our Aerial and Bondage Stage, located close to the VIP lounge. We are excited about Shay Tiziano curating the showcases on Clara each evening at SEAF from 8:30-9:00pm. Go read about our showcased aerial and bondage performers here.

Content Warning

As usual, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival exhibits art with all manner of subject matter relating to gender, relationships, bodies, and sexual acts and desires. From the abstract representations of identity and gender to the explicitness of body parts going inside body parts. There will be many things that you may not find erotic, and we ask for your understanding and acceptance that others do. The Festival strives to create an atmosphere that is accepting of the infinite diversity of sexual expression. We also strive to create a safer and braver space for all. We have staff called Consent Advocates who are available to address any concerns that may arise during your visit. Consent Advocates can be found at a table between the Festival Store and Aaaahz!

This year, we will be having 3 different performances during the Festival that will include temporary piercing. These performances will use hypodermic needles and follow standard health and safety protocols. There may be some blood visible during these performances. These performances will be marked on the schedule with the designation (needles) after the description.

So buy yourself some tickets and come join the party in celebrating these artists!

Tickets Can be Purchased Here!