The Main Stage is Bursting!

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known for its performances as much as the visual art that graces its gallery walls. This year, we have added even more to our Main Stage. Take a break from perusing the art to enjoy burlesque, the spoken word, live music, lectures, and a play. Here is the schedule to help you decide to get that Festival Pass.

Friday on the Main Stage

Friday 7:30pm — Lowa De Boom Boom presents:

The Nearly Naked Truth: KINKED

Words and skin; burlesque and storytelling: two different facets of each performer gathered together in a glorious showcase of fat femme BIPOC artists. Names and identifying details may be changed for privacy reasons, but the juiciest story bits are left bare. The performers are nearly naked, and so is the truth.
Featuring: Briq House, Magnoliah Black, Tas Deville, Lowa De Boom Boom.


Friday 9:00pm — The Luminous Pariah presents:

Ascending from the Aviary

Bearing witness to caged creatures break free from Pariah’s aviary.  A showcase of dance, spoken word, and burlesque.
Featuring: The Luminous Pariah, Valtesse, Imani Sims, and the Shanghai Pearl.


Friday 10:30pm –Live Music

The Black Tones

Simply put…The Black Tones are like a mixture of Kurt Cobain and cornbread. Consisting of founders/twin siblings Eva Walker on guitar/vocals, Cedric Walker on drums, and Robbie Little on the bass. Born and raised by first generation Seattleites, the Walker twin’s, honed their sound from their families original New Orleans roots, crediting them for their unique musical style of Rock n Roll. A goody bag of BLUES, PUNK and BLACK POWER!

Saturday on the Main Stage

Saturday 2:00pm — Play

A Kink in the Cure

A Kink in the Cure is a performance piece centered in the world of sexual trauma, kink, and BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism). Similar to The Vagina Monologues, the live performance, as well as the written work, includes stories from people who have a history of sexual abuse and trauma and explores how the practice of BDSM has had effect on their healing process.

Created by Tim Murray, A Kink the Cure was designed to explore the fascinating, and still hidden, stories of abuse survivors who identify as “kinky.” The piece provides a frank look at some uncomfortable truths about sexual abuse and violence in our culture. Focusing on the survivors’ experiences, Murray addresses the ways in which “kink” has acted as both a barrier and a benefit to those attempting to address the lingering shame and trauma resulting from their abuse.


Saturday 4:30pm — Live Music

Duo Mojo

Heather Thomas and Dune Butler of Northwest Neo-Psych group General Mojo’s go acoustic with ukulele and upright bass, harmonizing folk-interpreted classics as well as cosmic originals. The electric chemistry between them immediately draws onlookers in and warms them with heartfelt versions of songs you remember more in feeling than in word.


Saturday 6:15pm — Lecture

Dr. Bettina Judd and Briq House

Briq House and Dr. Bettina Judd will discuss Black Feminism, Black women in Sex work, and dimensions of Black Female Pleasure.



Saturday 7:30pm — Alyza DenPan Monley presents:

A Mouthful of Mouthfeel

Prepare yourself for the full-bodied, the opulent, the gritty, and the indulgent. Pouring for your enjoyment these chewy performances by Mother Tongue, The Salty Licks, Princess and the Pearl and Virtue of Sin. Come and have a taste.


Saturday 9:00pm — Namii presents:

Bois of a Feather

A unique spectrum of queer masculine eroticism. From the shy boi next door reading poetry that leaves you squirming in your seat, to the  jaw dropping sex symbol that will have you waving your dollars in the air. #boisofafeather
Featuring: Namii, TAQUEET$, Britt, Dom, Lanette, D’Dynasty, Anastacia Renee, Danni Cassette.

Sunday on the Main Stage

Sunday 1:00pm — Discussion

Visual Art Jury Panel Discussion

Festival Director, Visual Art Jurors and Curators share the process of assembling the art to make up the exhibitions. Bring your curiosity and questions around how the art is selected.


Sunday 2:30pm — Lecture

Cannabis & Sex

Combining sex and weed is certainly nothing new, but the recent wave of legalization has relaxed the stigma around cannabis and vastly expanded the options for incorporating it into your sex life. Sophisticated aphrodisiac strains, edibles, sublinguals, and topicals–especially cannabis lube!–are now available to the casual or curious user. These products have exceptional potential to not only enhance the average person’s sexual satisfaction, but to ease common sexual dysfunction such as vaginismus or post-menopausal inorgasmia by taking advantage of cannabinoids’ singular interaction with the human body. As with any drug, however, safe and effective use requires an understanding of the principles at play.

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