Valentine’s Day Ticket Sale

Hello young, old, new, experienced, and everything-in-between lovers, wherever you are!

It is Valentine’s Day! Which means two things! First, that tomorrow is Half-Price Chocolate Day, which we are all very excited for. Second, that it is time for the special Valentine’s Day Ticket Sale! We have dug our way out of the snow and ice to get to our computers long enough to offer this warming deal of a special price on two tickets to our Friday Night Opening Gala, complete with two glasses of sparkling wine. This deal goes live today (February 14), and will be available for two weeks (until February 28)! An actual, physical ticket will be mailed to you (which makes for a perfect gifting opportunity, by the way) and in addition to getting you into the party it is also the token you will exchange for your bubbly.

During regular Festival hours, the exhibition floor is open to view the art and daily entertainments, which can include anything from poetry readings to pantomime to dance displays. The Festival boasts a large selection of interactive art installations, where you can get the chance to look with your hands and not just your eyes. There is also the Festival Store, where you can often find prints by the artists featured in the festival as well as other unique items from local and international artists. In the evenings, as the lights go down, the Festival draws you in with performances, bartenders at the ready, and a fantastically energetic crowd full of sparkling rhinestones, shining latex, and all other manner of fabulousness.

So grab your significant other – or a really good friend, or an okay friend who’s just a blast to go do things with – and please come join us on April 26th!

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