Not just VIP, Velvet VIP!

Velvet is decadently sensual and it is exactly that how we are going to treat our Seduction VIPs! Our Velvet Hospitality Leads are concocting numerous ways to make you feel special and pampered as soon as you come in through the door and throughout the night.

14396703721_ea5ecf957d_oAs a Velvet VIP, you will enjoy:

  • Complimentary parking pass for either the Mercer Street or Harrison Street garages
  • Express entry/reentry through VIP entrance
  • A roped-off Lounge that wraps around 2 sides of the Main Stage
  • Access to front row seating at the stage
  • Exclusive, sexy drink specials
  • Complimentary coat check
  • Photo ops with a dedicated photographer in the Lounge
  • A chance to mingle with Performers in the Lounge
  • And surprise experiences in the Lounge!

Get your Velvet VIP tickets now!

Remember, only the VIP Individual ticket includes the complimentary parking pass and you can purchase as many VIP Companion tickets as there are people you want to bring with you!