Visual Art Jury Results Available

Many apologies for being 4 days late with the jury results. Between an extra talkative jury and being a volunteer based organization, if took a little longer to decide the show than usual. I appreciate the patience all you wonderful artists have afforded me.

Where To Get Your Results

  • Check your email. You may have to check your spam folders.
  • Login to our Artist Portal to see the jury results. Once you login, click on the “Art” link in the upper navigation bar. This will take you to the main page of your submissions and you will be able to view which piece or pieces were accepted by the jury.

If your art is accepted…

In the weeks ahead you will receive additional emails with details about the schedule, and such things as paperwork and ticket discounts. Please keep an eye out for those emails.

Right now we ask that you please review your artist information, biography, and accepted works to be sure that everything is accurate and up to date. Should any revisions be necessary, please email [email protected] with what needs to be changed and Drea will take care of you.

If your are is declined…

If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to our newsletter so that you can be among the first to hear when the 2018 Call for Art opens. If you believe you are submitting your best work, and you believe it is erotic, please try again. We want to see it.

Each year the jury is new–different people with different views of the world. “What is erotic?” has incredibly subjective answers. This is why we have a variety of jurors and new jurors each year so that no interpretation of erotic goes unseen. Having your art declined does not mean you aren’t a good artist, it just means that this jury did not select it.

For artists residing in North America, in the weeks ahead you will receive an email with a code to be used for a discount on a Festival ticket or pass for your use. The discount will equal the highest submission fee you paid. Details for its use will be in the email with the code.

All Artists

Our Store Manager, Ed Lammi, will be making decisions for store stock based on space availability through February 28th. Please check back in the portal and view your submissions to determine the works and quantities that have been approved for inclusion in the store. If you have any questions about the Store, please email Ed at [email protected]


Please take a moment to complete our 2017 Artist Survey. Your feedback helps us improve, and apply for funding through grants. Half of the survey invites you to hire completely anonymous demographics. The other half asks questions about your experience, with the#SEAF2017 call for art. The survey takes about just a few minutes.

If you have any questions, you can email Drea, our fantastic Artist Liaison, at [email protected]

Thank you so much for participating in the #SEAF2017 call for art. I hope you will join us for the festival. The Festival is April 28th through April 30th at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

Yours in art,

Sophia Iannicelli (and Juror Leila Anasazi)