Meet the Visual Artists of SEAF2019

Announcing the visual artists of the 17th annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival!

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known worldwide for a comprehensive collection of international fine art celebrating the diversity of human sexual expression. The incredible creativity with which artists approach the subject of erotica is captured in all manner of visual media: painting, photography, sculpture, assemblage, prints, mixed media, and more.

We are proud to present world-class visual art that is rarely seen in mainstream galleries and redefines boundaries in exciting new ways. Get your tickets now to see this expansive collection in person!

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Masters of Erotic Art

This is the Festival’s highest honor. The Masters of Erotic Art program showcases artists who have made meaningful contributions to the history and development of erotic art. The 2019 showcase will include:

Contemplative Cello (Luminous Pariah by Wittypixel Photography)

Barbara Nitke
Betty Dodson
David Steinberg
Ellen Forney
Jim Duvall
John Santerineross
the Luminous Pariah
Michael Rosen
Michele Serchuk
Miss Indigo Blue
Paul Dahlquist

2019 Invited Artists

The artists awarded the 2018 Jury’s Choice, People’s Choice, and Foundation awards are invited to show at this year’s exhibition. The Festival Director, Sophia Iannicelli, has also invited a select number of artists to join the exhibition.


Just A Tip by Inna Rohr

Cath Orain
Chris Sheridan
Chthonic Photography
François Dubeau
Inna Rohr
Jackson Photografix
Jan Saudek
Jennifer Feagler
John Osgood
Madame Umbra
Michelle Anderst
Mortimur K
Olivier Duhamel
Regina Wells
Steve Jensen
Vilèm Stosek


2019 Juried Artists

This year’s exhibition was selected by: nell, artist & social activist; Jessica, SEAF committee member & dancer; Tracy Rector, filmmaker, curator, & Indigenous community activist; Daphna, muse, art collector; T.s. Flock – arts critic, writer, & co-founder of Vanguard Seattle. Read more about the 2019 visual art jury here.

Jean-Paul Alexandre
SensuaLight Photography
Japi Honoo

Watching by Adam Shaw

Rae Ellen
Altec Lansing
Chris Blakeley
Sculpture By Claudette
B. R. Bradley
think tank ART
Tatyana Brown
Stasia Burrington
Kerry B
Anna Butwell
Totally Shapes
Yves Hume
Echo Chernik
Bri Chesler
Dave Clay
Gene Clements
Charles Oliver Jones
Jessie Sparkles
Claire Dietrich
Chelsie Croom
Allen E Cutler
Lee Davignon
A Subtle Notion
Reflective Desire
Hector Domiane
Francois Dubeau
Angelina Elise
Daryn English
Jeffrey Errico
Daniel Evans
Aaron Feinberg

Frank and John by Michael Rosen

E Jaqulatte
Rik Garrett
Marcus or Marco
Luca Gizzi
Joe Godin
Jim Graham Photography
Hooligan Lili
Christopher Gray
Tasty Art Gurl – Kirsten Guerin
Hannah Haddix
Erika Hagberg
Sara Riches
The Dark Arts
Thomas Hammel
Beth Hammer
Rachel Haywood
Greg Holloway Photography
Jim Duvall
Sexual Delicacy
jackson photografix
Stella Polaris
Hiba Jameel
Jennifer Jigour
Vex Maron
Vladimir Kozhemiakov
charles i. letbetter
Mortimur K
Akimi Inari
Joseph Mays
Lisa McCleary
Urban Utopia Photography
DylanRae Metcalfe
Rory Midhani
Belle Macchiaverna
Christopher Mooney
Area 69
Creative Bodies
Nero O’Reilly
Paty Vilo
Cristina Natsuko Paulos
Carlos Perez
David Peterman
Hélène Planquelle
Nadia Vanilla
Edward Reed

B.I.T.C.H. (Being In Total Control of Him) by Bri Chesler

Jami Gray
Inna Rohr
Michael Rosen
Aelita Arts
Adam Shaw
Colleen A.J. Smith
Caitlin Smith
Douglas Fur
Billy Spain
David Steinberg
Boundaries Project
Ann-Marie Stillion
TStrauss Photography
T. Erin
Marina Green
Sam Vaughan
Ehnita VerGowe
Veronika Crow
Eric Wallis
Studio Nudibranch
Katie Winkelman
Bill Wolak
Christopher Woodman
Lee Worthy
rada dada
igor zusev