Volunteer At Seduction!

We can’t put on Seduction without you. As a volunteer run organization, we provide the chance to be a part of something fun while making a difference in the world. Help us create a safer and brave atmosphere for people to express and explore aspects of themselves. Whether you are taking tickets, loading trucks, selling Midway tickets, or taking a security shift, we appreciate that you are a key part of Seduction.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to be a volunteer?

Go to our Volunteer Info page here. You will have to register as a volunteer, if you haven’t done that yet. Once you are registered, you will be able to login and sign up for or manage your volunteer shifts.

Why should I volunteer at Seduction?

Two reasons: it’s lots of fun to be a part of the event, and you get into the event for free! Seduction is a Fundraiser for SEAF 2018, so every volunteer who signs up help us save money to put on an amazing event that helps change the way the world views sexuality.

How long are volunteer shifts?

Before the event, volunteer shifts are 4 hours. During the event, volunteer shifts are only 2 hours so you can enjoy the evening.

What do volunteers do at Seduction?

Everything! Seduction is a volunteer run event. We need people who can carry things, cashiers, Midway game attendants, people who can tidy up after patrons, security staff, set up and tear down help, ticket-takers, and many other jobs. If you have a specific talent you would like to contribute to Seduction and don’t see it listed, please email our Volunteer Coordinators at [email protected]

Oh, and volunteers also have a lot of fun!

Is there a dress code if you are a volunteer?

Yes, all volunteers must wearing clothing that covers their nips and bits. We encourage volunteers to wear costumes and masks. However, volunteers must be able to easily see, speak to, and hear patrons while on duty. If your costume restricts your vision, speech or ability to hear, please remove that portion of your costume during your volunteer shift.

We suggest comfy shoes for your volunteer shift. Volunteers can take advantage of checking your shoes at Coat Check so you can change your footwear at a moments notice during Seduction.

When do I have to show up for my volunteer shift?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your volunteer shift starts. If your shift is later in the evening, you are welcome to enjoy the party before your shift starts. Please refrain from drinking alcohol prior to your shift. Being inebriated during your shift may impact your ability to sign up to volunteer at future events.

Can volunteers enter the Costume Contest?

Yes, as long as your volunteer shift is not 8pm-10pm during Seduction.

Have more questions? Email us at [email protected] or call (206) 229-2185 for more info.