Welcome to SEAF2018

Please allow us to escort you through an experience of art which relates to gender, relationships, bodies, and sexual acts and desires. Art shows provide a contained environment so we can explore new ideas and concepts. By virtue of featuring the art that we do, we reveal things that people might otherwise never know.

When we see art, it reflects something back to us — thoughts, feelings, ideas, and attitudes we might not even know we have. As Seattle Erotic Art Festival founder, Jim Duvall, says, “When you see something in art that stirs a deep emotion in you, that emotion is yours. It was already in you. The artist just angled a mirror at you.”

Treat these moments as opportunities for self-discovery. You cannot always know for sure what is “going on” in art; all you can actually know is what you feel and think about it. Allow yourself to examine that — and you will always be learning about the most important person in your life.

Yours in exploration and discovery,
Sophia Iannicelli & Leila Anasazi
Mavens of the Fête

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