What’s new for the 2015 Call for Art?

The 2015 Call for art opens tomorrow at noon!

Each year we strive to make the Festival run smoother, thereby making it easier for everyone involved. From our volunteers to our artists to our patrons. This year, our biggest movement towards ease is using CallForEntry.org (CaFE) as our artist portal to accept all art submissions. We are very excited to be using a professional and national service that comes highly recommended by previous jurors, artists, and the City of Seattle!

CaFE does the same things at last year’s artist portal, just in a few different ways. Below is a list of things that are important features of this new system. CaFE has great


customer service and can help with any questions related to their system. Be sure to read through or watch the helpful and detailed “how to Apply to Calls” tutorial. Our Info Team is keeping watch on the [email protected] email to answer any other questions related to Festival’s Call for Art.

Profile then Portfolio then Application

CaFE has you set up an artist profile and portfolio before making applications to any call for art. From your portfolio, you will select the pieces that you want to submit to this Call For Art.
Once you take your Application through the “Checkout” phase, your application will be locked from any changes. Therefore, be sure that all information in your portfolio is entered correctly and completely before you begin the Call for Art application. Once you “Checkout” from the SEAF application, you will be unable to amend, change, or alter your submissions in any way, and anything in your portfolio that is submitted to this Call For Art will also be unalterable.
NOTE: This is a change from our Call For Art from prior years; in 2015, once your Application is submitted, changes cannot be made to any part of it – for example, no changes can be made to prices, sizes, biography, professional name, or the images that accompany your Application.
I know, we are repeating ourselves. This is one of the most significant changes this year and we want you to be prepared. Once you have completed the “Checkout” process and paid your fee, you will not be able to edit your Application or the submitted items from your CaFE portfolio. Be sure the information in your portfolio is complete and correct prior to beginning the Application process.


Entry fee is paid at the end of your application.

In the CaFE system,  artists must fully complete  and submit (thereby finalizing) their application before paying the entry fee. This also means that in order to take advantage of the Early Bird discount, artists will have to fully complete the application process at the time of paying the fee. In other words, you will be unable to apply during the Early Bird period if you are not ready to complete the application.

Entry Fee and Discount Codes

The entry fee for each call is $32. the early bird discount is $10. Between January 1st and January 7th, you can use the code EarlyBird when paying your entry fee to discount the fee by $10. If you an artist living outside of North America, you can email [email protected] to receive your code that will waive the entire entry fee. Short Film and Performance artists are to email [email protected] to receive codes to waive those respective entry fees. If you qualify for a waived fee, be sure to allow at least 48 hours to receive your codes.

Submitting to multiple categories in the Call for Art.

As in previous years, artists are welcome to submit to multiple categories. You can only do this in the CaFE system by making a different profile for each Call for Art category that you have works with which to submit. You will have to use a different email address for each profile. Example: You want to submit short films and visual art. You must make one profile and a portfolio with all your short film entries

feststore-cropEach submission must have an image.

In the CaFE system, every submitted work of art must be uploaded from your portfolio. Each work in your portfolio, regardless of the category, must include an image. Portfolio images must be jpg files and CaFE has very specific requirements. Be sure to review the uploading guidelines for images. Remember, there should be no watermarks or identifying logos on any submitted images. (Signatures on traditional works of art need not be obscured.)

Specific portfolio image and application instructions for each Category.

Visual Art – one image per piece of visual art for each visual submission (up to 6) in your CaFE portfolio.. You may edit two images together into one jpg file so as to include a detail image of a 3D piece.
Store Art – one image per piece of art or one sample image per group of items for the store (up to 6) in your CaFE portfolio.
Literary Art – upload this image specifically made for Literary Submissions with each literary submission (up to 6) in your portfolio with all the necessary information about the writing. Works will be uploaded on the application page itself. Upload one .txt, .doc, or .pdf file (pdf preferred) for each literary submission (up to 6).
Short Film/Video – upload one safe-for-work promotional photo for each film (up to 6) in your CaFE portfolio. DO NOT upload video to your portfolio. Please include URLs where video can be viewed or indicate that you will be physically mailing a DVD or flash drive with your entries in the description section of each entry in your CaFE portfolio.
Installation Art – upload one image per installation proposal (up to 3) in your CaFE portfolio. This image can be a conceptual drawing, rendering, mock up of the proposed installation. On the application page, upload one .txt, .doc, or .pdf file (pdf preferred) with detailed information regarding proposal, grant request, and spacial needs per installation proposal.
Performance Art – upload one promotional photo for each proposed performance(up to 3) in your CaFE portfolio. Do not upload video to your portfolio. URLs where video can be viewed should be placed in the description section of your submission in your CaFE portfolio.


Photos by Adam Harrison and Alison Douglas.