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Call for Entries opens at noon on December 1, 2015

Call for Visual, Literary, Store, and Installation Entries closes at 11PM on January 18, 2016

Call for Performance Entries closes 11PM on February 22, 2016


Fees, General Guidelines

$30 for visual, installation, literary, and store artists

Early bird discount of $10 December 1 through December 13

No fee for performing artists

No fee to apply if you are an artist living outside of North America

Payment of a fee covers all works submitted for a category, up to the maximum allowed. For example, paying the fee for visual art allows you to submit up to 5 artworks, and paying the fee for literary art allows you to submit up to 5 literary works.

Festival Store Fees

If you have paid a fee to submit visual, literary, and/or installation art, your Store submission fee will be waived. All artists who submit works to any of the categories are encouraged to also submit works to the Store. Store submission fees are waived for artists who reside outside North America. For all other instances, the fee for Store submissions is $30.

Submission Limits and Formatting Rules

Visual Art: up to five (5) pieces may be submitted of any medium. Sculptors, multimedia artists, and painters are particularly encouraged to apply. Images must be included with all submissions.
Installation Art: up to three (3) interactive installation proposals may be submitted. Proposals must be in PDF format; images may also be included. Proposals are introductory descriptions of your piece in as much detail as possible. Installations can be submitted as ideas, and need not be completed work at the time of submission. Some grant funding is available for installation ideas. Attachments and photos concerning an installation should uploaded into the artist portal or may be emailed to [email protected]
Literary Art: up to five (5) literary pieces may be submitted — Poems (All forms no more than 50 lines, single-spaced); Prose, Point of View and Essay (Limit 500 words); Short Stories (Limit 1,200 words);  Novella (Limit 30,000 words); One Act plays or scripts (Up to 15 pages including scene setup). All literary submissions must be in .doc format.
Performance Art: up to three (3) interactive performance proposals may be submitted. Performers 18 years old or older may submit for consideration for roaming and interactive performances, staged performance, and experimental interactive projects. Images must be included with all submissions.
Store Art: all artists 18 years old or older may submit items such as books, jewelry, cards, collectibles, etc. for consideration by the Festival Store. Artists may submit up to 20 items or groups of items to the Store, in quantities from 1 to 50 per item.

General Guidelines

• Artists do not need to attend the Festival to be accepted
• Artists who reside outside North America, and invited artists, do not pay a submission fee
• Artists may submit for as many Calls for Art as they wish, but note that each Call for Art has distinct requirements and may have additional submission fees
• Artists may submit work only of their own creation
• Art previously exhibited at the Festival will not be considered for the exhibition but may be considered for the Festival Store
• Only electronic entries submitted via our online entry system will be accepted. Paper, email, CD, and all other forms of entry will be discarded. Do not under any circumstances send original art as your Visual, Installation, and Store entries; you will be automatically disqualified from entry and your art will not be returned
• Images must be submitted in JPEG format
• Any image with a watermark that obscures the image or identifies the artist will be rejected. Signatures on original works of art such as paintings and illustrations are allowable
• Unfinished art or “works in progress” will not be considered by the jury (with the exception of installation art and performance proposals)
• Incomplete or incorrect entries will not be considered after the close of a Call for Entries
• Submissions may be edited up until their Call for Entries closes
• After the jury review, accepted artists may make updates to details about their works via our Artist Liaison ([email protected])
• One image per visual art submission. Choosing the 3D designation for a submission, allows for detail images to be uploaded
• Substitutions are not allowed; the art submitted must be exactly the same as any accepted, delivered art
• Artists must provide a price for each submitted piece
• Artists may use a pseudonym or professional name; legal name will be kept confidential. Please be clear during the submission process about which name is to be used publicly. The “Professional Names” you have given us will be publicly listed in the Exhibition and in related promotions
• Submission fees are non-refundable
• Tickets and passes are non-transferable
• All artists and any models depicted in art must be 18 years old or older as of January 18, 2016
• All accepted artists who use models in photographs will be required to submit a Models Age Certification form. The completed form must be delivered with the art. The Festival will keep this information on file to comply with United States Code, Title 18, Section 2257
• For all accepted, invited, and Store art sold during or as a direct result of the Festival, the Festival receives a 40% commission fee
• The Festival reserves the right to refuse to hang any piece of art delivered for any reason