We Want You!

SEAF2024 is coming and we need volunteers to make the Festival and its associated events happen. From planning, to mounting the Festival and making it run smoothly, to basking in the afterglow when it’s all over, this is a group effort—and a great time. You’ll be surrounded by creative people and great stories. You’ll be more inspired and have more fun than any other volunteer opportunity you’ve ever had.

Our organization is an exciting, dynamic group of people working to advance an important cause. Thank you for being part of it. This wouldn’t be possible without you!

And did we mention…that there’s a lot of great erotic art and beautiful, talented, inspired people?

Shifts for SEAF 2024 will open in March. We need the majority of help from April 20th through April 29th, with other opportunities to help before then.

Volunteer Orientations & Q&A Sessions

There are multiple opportunities to attend a volunteer orientation before the week of the Festival. You can get info about each of these dates on the Pan Eros Foundation calendar.  Register for the online zoom meetings here! And just show up at Gallery Erato (309 1st Ave S Seattle 98104) for the in-person meetings.

7pm, Monday, Jan 29 – via zoom
5:30pm, Thursday, Feb 15 – Gallery Erato
6pm, Monday, March 4 – via zoom
1pm, Sunday, March 17 – Gallery Erato
10am, Saturday, April 6 – Gallery Erato (with specialized trainings)
6pm, Monday, April 15 – via zoom

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, communities and abilities; however, this year we are only accepting volunteers over 21 years of age. We encourage all volunteers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

We are currently in the process of revamping our volunteer registration system and will unveil it before volunteer shifts go live. In the meantime, if you have not previously worked for the festival, please fill out the volunteer form to register in our database and receive emails and updates. If you have already worked for the festival, please wait until you receive the invitation to sign up in our new system.

Register to be a volunteer

Don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or [email protected] with questions about volunteering. We are here to help you help the festival!!

Matching Donations for Volunteer Hours: Ask Your Employer!

Have your volunteer hours go twice as far. Get a matching donation!

Many companies donate money for each hour one of their employees volunteers, and your employer might be one of them. Your volunteer hours with the Foundation could bring in a sizable donation from your workplace.

Simply check in with your human resources department to learn how — it’s usually quick and easy. We are a 501(c)(3) registered as Pan Eros Foundation and our EIN is 20-5824097. We would love it if you then designate your contribution to go to Seattle Erotic Art Festival.