Summer Late Night at Gallery Erato

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is proud to present another Late Night At Gallery Erato art opening on Friday, June 21st. These events recreate the vibe of SEAF’s late night hours: dancing to the stylings of DJs whilst surrounded by erotic art and gloriously gorgeous people. Come dressed to impress and dazzle on the dance floor – from glam to funky to fun to wild costumes, we want you to express yourself! Just remember to cover your nips and bits as there will be a no-host bar making libations available.

For June, we are honored to have turned over curation to SEAF alumni Genea Morrow of Black Omi Art Co.and BareNaked Tiffany to create the exhibition: Sensual Stories Unveiled: The Art of the Female Gesture. We are happy to invite BigTop, a DJ out of Vancouver, BC who has been spinning globally for over 20 years, and our resident DJ, diem to help us celebrate this alluring new art show.

Meet The Artists

DJ BigTop, based in Vancouver, BC, has been electrifying dance floors worldwide for over 30 years. His name, inspired by his years touring with a circus under the iconic big top tent, reflects his flair for creating spectacular, immersive experiences. His organic, never pre-programmed sets create a feedback loop with erotically charged dancefloors, resonating deeply within gay bears, furries, kink, and sex-positive communities. With roots in the rainforest, mountains, and full moons on beaches, his sound captures the essence of wild-eyed sunrises and shimmery pool parties. Having performed in 10 countries, his transformative sunrise sets are legendary, echoing memories of dusty deserts, grotty dungeons, and seedy discotheques into unforgettable musical journeys.

Genea Morrow is a self-taught artist and creative entrepreneur based out of Seattle. Her interest in art began in 2012 but it wasn’t until 2021 when Genea launched Black Omi Art Co. Though her journey wasn’t always easy, she often opens up about her struggles with imposter syndrome and how she continuously works on her insecurities surrounding her late start to painting. She now creates paintings that tell her story, a story heavily influenced by her history with religion and spirituality, overshadowed by her exploration of her sensuality. Her work is centered around creating the feeling of familiarity, power, and freedom through promoting body positivity within our communities. To highlight the internal battles of feminine and masculine energies women may feel. 

BareNaked Tiffany is a Sex and Body Positive Artist, creating art that allows women to reclaim their bodies and sexuality.

“I strive for a world of sizzling body love with  my figurative art, where every stroke celebrates the female form in all its diversity and sensuality. In a world plagued by societal pressures and misconceptions, my work boldly challenges these norms, proclaiming the inherent worthiness of every woman’s body and pleasure. Through the opulence of color and form, I invite you to embrace the unrivaled beauty of the body without inhibition, offering a sanctuary of unapologetic appreciation and acceptance.”

Sensual Stories Unveiled:
The Art of the Female Gesture

Step into a realm where sensuality meets empowerment at “Sensual Stories Unveiled: The Art of the Female Gesture” exhibition, curated by artists Tiffany and Genea. Through expressive pieces that delve into the complexities of women’s relationships with their bodies and nudity, the artists invite you to explore the diverse and profound celebration of body positivity and uninhibited sensuality. Inspired by their own journeys and influences, Tiffany’s figurative pieces serve as mirrors of radical self-acceptance, while Genea’s exploration of light and shadow accentuates the depth and complexity of the female form.

From mixed mediums such as gold gilding, glitter, and acrylic paint, their artwork captures the beauty and sensuality of the female form, offering a sanctuary of unapologetic appreciation and acceptance. These artists use these mediums to accentuate and captivate the viewer’s eye to the female form. Experience the artistry and celebrate the diverse forms and stories of women embodied in this exhibition. 

In addition to the large pieces in this exhibition, we will be showcasing smaller works and merchandise by both artists, as well as past SEAF artists. Come dance, enjoy the art, and maybe even fall in love and take something home!