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SEAF 2024 Volunteer Orientation and Q&A Sessions

Hello fabulous art lovers! Welcome to the SEAF2024 season! We’re all counting down to that fabulous weekend of sexy art in April. That means it’s time to get the word out that we need you. Yes, you! SEAF needs volunteers to get this event off the ground and into the stratosphere! First time volunteering? Long… Full Article »

Seduction: Monstrous needs performers and volunteers

Hello, freaky darlings. Let’s be seductive together. Seduction needs volunteers, performers, makers, and artists! Help make this year’s Seduction one to remember and apply to be a part of the behind-the-scenes crew. Performers Event producer, performance artist, and burlesque performer, Carson St. Clair, has graciously accepted the role of Mistress of Monsters for this year’s… Full Article »

SEAF 2023 needs volunteers! Sign up today!

Hello, you daring and delightful art lovers! We are weeks out from the festival, and ramping up for what is looking to be an incredible year! As many of you know, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is almost entirely volunteer run. Aside from a small core staff that heads the Pan Eros Foundation, everyone from… Full Article »

Volunteers, assemble!

Is that reference too dated? I think we’re good. Anyway! Most awesome of art and party loving peoples! The 2021 Seattle Erotic Art Festival is less than a week away, and we need you – yes, YOU – to help make SEAF go! It’s been two years (TWO YEARS!?) since we were in the Seattle… Full Article »

Volunteer Info Meeting

Volunteers are what make SEAF possible. From the planning committee to the leads of each department to the crew building walls to the people taking your tickets at the door, we are all volunteers. It takes a small army of generous souls working together to make the festival a reality. Join us for this Volunteer… Full Article »

2021 Volunteer sign up is live!

The time has come, my most noble and wonderful darlings! We have made it this far through what could be politely described as an adventurous couple of years, and we are ready for the show to go on. Which means we need you! Yes, you! Because volunteer sign up is live, and so many opportunities… Full Article »

Volunteer sign up is live!

Oh, most fantastic darlings, it is that time again!  Volunteer sign up is live, and so many opportunities await you daring few who will join us in making this feast of erotic art happen! Whether you can volunteer this year or not, please log into your volunteer account within the next month to indicate you… Full Article »

Make 2020 the year you volunteer

Hello all you delightful darlings!  The old year is preparing to pass into the West, and the new year will be dawning soon.  Before you all rush off to whatever soiree awaits you, we wanted to step in and gently suggest a resolution.  What, you’re not doing resolutions anymore?  That’s fine, let’s call it a… Full Article »

Countdown to SEAF – 5 Days Left!

We’re in the final stretch!  The Seattle Erotic Art Festival opens this Friday, at 6 p.m. in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall!  There are so many reasons to be excited, but we thought we would tease you with this little countdown.  Not that we aren’t all excited already, but let’s bring it to a peak,… Full Article »

Calling All Volunteers!

Friends! Lovers! Art enthusiasts! Lend us your hours! As the delightfully sexy art festival that we all know and love draws ever closer, it is time for us to once more reach out to you, our beautiful community, and invite you to volunteer at this year’s Seattle Erotic Art Festival! As you may or may… Full Article »