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Join The SEAF Volunteer Team

Hello there, all you lovelies! We’re taking this moment to urge you to help us in #makingSEAFgo. You see, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is so successful every year because we have a horde of volunteers. And we’d like you to join our horde! We’re sure that we can find something for you to do… Full Article »

Salon of SEAF: Enticement of Volunteers

This April’s Salon of SEAF is all about our volunteers. Join other lovers-of-SEAF (and those who are just curious) for conversations and antics as we organize and launch into the thickest part of our volunteering season — the Festival event itself. On Sunday, April 8th from 11 am to 1 pm we will gather to… Full Article »

Volunteer News!

Dear SEAF Volunteers, SEAF2018 is coming April 27-29 and we are so excited to work with you to make SEAF go! Our volunteer management system (Volgistics) is being upgraded to better take care of you. This will make the process of volunteering easy so we can focus on the fun of working together. If you… Full Article »

Help us make SEAF go!

Oh lawd, 2017 is over and that means the Seattle Erotic Art Festival for 2018 is only a few months away! Once again our spectacular display of tantalizing art in almost all forms will be taking place at the end of April, so mark your calendars now and resolve to do your part in #makingSEAFgo…. Full Article »

Volunteer At Seduction!

We can’t put on Seduction without you. As a volunteer run organization, we provide the chance to be a part of something fun while making a difference in the world. Help us create a safer and brave atmosphere for people to express and explore aspects of themselves. Whether you are taking tickets, loading trucks, selling… Full Article »

#SEAF2016 Reunion

So many hours of hard work are put into each Festival by our volunteers. We appreciate your time, attention, sweat, and dedication! Without you we literally couldn’t put on the Festival. This video, put together by Sinister Visuals and All Things I Do Productions, is a love letter of sorts to you, the volunteers of… Full Article »

The Gratitude We Feel

For over a month I have been agonizing over this thank-you letter. Every attempt I made to tell you how much this past festival meant to me has ended in tears. Yes, there were tears of frustration in there when I couldn’t make the right words, but there were also tears of gratitude, happiness, and… Full Article »

Thank you!

What a wonderful Festival! Thank you all so much for coming out to join us in celebrating eros over the weekend! Now is the time where we pack everything up and put it away until it’s times for Seduction. Art is being readied for shipment, and walls are being loaded into trucks. If you are… Full Article »

#MakeSEAFGo: Be a Volunteer!

Some of you are so excited about the Seattle Erotic Art Festival this year that you’re looking for any and every means of entry into our little world of fun. For those who want to lend a hand, we have an array of volunteer opportunities available! Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, jack of all… Full Article »

The Call for Volunteers is NOW Open!

Hey, all you sex positive people out there! Have you been looking for a cool volunteer opportunity that allows you to let your kink flag fly AND score free entry into SEAF? We invite you to join the Kinkateers! Curious? We know you are. Read more… The Kinkateers is our volunteer arm of the Seattle Erotic Arts… Full Article »