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The Realm of Decadent Delights is closed – for now

Hello to all you lovers of art, the erotic, and escape rooms! It seemed a good time to take a moment from obsessively waiting for news about Seattle’s progress towards Phase 2 in order to talk to you all about the Aaaahz! escape room, The Realm of Decadent Delights. It saddens us – but also… Full Article »

An Escape Room, Aaaahz! style

“Welcome explorers to The Realm of Decadent Delights. Your journey is about to begin. You will be tempted and tested by our denizens, such as the Warrior Princess and the Living Doll. Only those with balance and will-power can resist the erotic delights here and persevere long enough to solve their way through the maze of… Full Article »

Living Art Party

If you couldn‘t get enough of body painting at Aaaahz!, then join us for a delightful evening of creativity, beauty, and exhibitionism. On Saturday, September 21st, be an appreciator or become living art! Get your tickets here! The body is the most sublime canvas. Adorning with paint and make-up celebrate the inherent beauty of each… Full Article »

Aaaahz! – Season 4 at SEAF2019

We’re feeling a bit playful right now because it’s time to tell you about “Aaaahz!”. If you’ve had the pleasure of joining us in recent years, then you might want to get excited about what we’re going to do this year. If this will be your first time and you’ve heard people mention “Aaaahz!”, then… Full Article »

Aaaahmazingly Racy Returns!

We’re super excited to announce that Aaaahmazingly Racy is returning this year. Born during #SEAF2017 Aaaahmazingly Racy is incredibly fun. We’re so happy it’s returning for #SEAF2018 Aaaahmazingly Racy is an interactive adventure in which 20 teams of 2-3 journey around the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, interacting with the art in the venue, solving clues… Full Article »

Enjoy Aaaahz! at SEAF 2018

Happy day to you all out there in a special land we like to call the Anticipatory. (Did anyone get that pun?) We’re feeling a bit playful right now because it’s time to tell you about “Aaaahz!”. If you’ve had the pleasure of joining us in recent years, then you might want to get excited… Full Article »

Erotic and Geek Cultures Had a Sexy Date at #SEAF2017

At the 2017 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, we had a stunning pole dance performance by Natasha Hawthorn and Chad Grant. They played the roles of Cortana and Master Chief from the popular video game franchise Halo and danced to the Halo theme.  The performance capped an exciting evening of several firsts. Cortana and Master Chief’s evening… Full Article »

Aaaahmazingly Racy Tickets on Sale!

With the Festival being just around the corner, we hope that you’re fantasizing about the plethora of art and activities that will be waiting for you. For those of you looking for an immersive, fun experience, we encourage you to take part in Aaaahmazingly Racy, the first sexy scavenger hunt of its kind! Aaaahmazingly Racy… Full Article »

Stimulate Your Senses with Aaaahz!

Take your Seattle Erotic Art Festival experience to a whole new level with Aaaahz!, our sensual exploratorium where you can interactively experience a curated collection of erotic treats. Aaaazh! was first introduced at our 2016 festival to the delight of many attendees. We’re bringing the experience back this year, complete with all the activities you love,… Full Article »

Come Experience Aaaahz!

After 4 fun-filled years, we decided to redesign and relaunch “Sensation City” for 2016. We went back to Andy Cargile, creator of “Sensation City”, asking him to lend his sensuously devious brain to the task. Over a productive cocktail brainstorming session, Andy and his team decided on a return to the roots of “Sensation City” —… Full Article »