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Results are in, check your mail!

Dearest and most darling artists! The hard choices have been made, the votes have been tallied, and we have the final decision on the accepted visual art for the 2023 Exhibition! Now, this is only Visual art at this time – Literary and all categories of Performance are finishing their choices, and will be announced… Full Article »

The Awards of SEAF 2023

Hello you decadent and discerning darlings! Every year, the Pan Eros Foundation and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival honor artists and pieces of art that have shown distinction through execution, through evocation, and through embracing all that the festival hopes to achieve. We would love to take this moment and walk you through the Awards… Full Article »

CFA countdown and a little about art sales

Hello and Happy New Year to all you lovely artsy individuals! 2023 is here, and we are in the final two weeks of the Call for Art! All submissions must be finalized by 11 PM on January 15. No, emailing us a week later and saying please will not help your situation. Our Call for… Full Article »

Introducing the 2023 Visual Art Jury

Hello dearest Artists and Art Lovers! The Call for Art is moving right along, and we are ready to introduce the 2023 Visual Art Jury! Our jurors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, united by not only their love of art but an understanding of the importance of seeing the erotic reflected in… Full Article »

The Early Bird discount is flying away!

You know that old saying? The one about how the early bird gets the discounted submission fees? So, fine, that’s not the original phrasing, but there’s nothing wrong with adapting old adages for modern times. And it’s true! There’s only one week left before the Early Bird Discount flies off, never to be seen again!… Full Article »

The 2023 Call for Art is open!

Artists, the time is now! Grab your favorite pen, your paintbrush, your drill, your stilts, your toe shoes, your ostrich feather fan, whatever you need to make the art happen, because it is go time! The 2023 Call for Art is finally open! Register before December 15! We will be offering a special Early Bird… Full Article »

Counting down to the SEAF 2023 Call for Art

Hello there, theydies and gentlethems! Are you ready to art? (Yes, this is a Cheap Trick reference, don’t judge me.) So, my magnificent creatives, we are interrupting your Turkey Day and Native American Heritage Day with a very important announcement. It is that most wonderful time of the year once more. No, not that time…. Full Article »

Special Call for Interactive Proposals

Interactive Elements, formally called Installations, are the experiences that set SEAF apart from other art shows and performances. Having the chance to pick up a drawing pad and sketch people in bondage, write your desires on flesh, assist in an impromptu performance, and entering a lush garden of sensual delights are just a few of… Full Article »

Happy Valentine’s Day! (24 hours left!)

Artists of all mediums! You have 24 hours until the Call for Art ends! Well, technically you have 29 hours left, because the Call for Art doesn’t end until 11 p.m. PDT, but it doesn’t sound as dramatic. And we want drama in our submission process, right? No? We don’t want drama? Oh. Well then…. Full Article »

Counting down and a little about SEAF sales

Artists! Darlings! We are running out of time! In just a few short days, the 2022 SEAF Call for Art will close FOREVER! (Because it’s the 2022 Call for Art, so even though in 2023 we’ll have another Call for Art, this one will never open again…I’m overdoing it again, aren’t I?) Let’s Talk Sales… Full Article »