Monthly Archives: December 2017

We Want Your Interactive Performance Proposal

Do you have a daring performance idea that can’t be confined to a stage? Maybe you want to don a fox mask and stilts and slow chase another performer with a rabbit mask and stilts through our art walls. Maybe you want to gradually tie-up a partner during a tango. Or maybe just maybe you… Full Article »

The Gift of SEAF

Yay Holidays! For most of us, this time of year is when our generosity begins to flow freely and we run rampant getting things that we know will make our loved ones’ souls smile. But some of those whom we love are really stressful to purchase for, right? That’s where our Art Activist Society donor… Full Article »

Specific Call for Stage Performers

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, One and All! Listen close because we’re about to be going over some swift tips and need-to-knows for our performers. Specifically our stage performers, if you’re aiming for interactive or ambulatory or ambient performance then you should be talking to our Interactive Performance Team. Now, all of our art is important… Full Article »

Tips & Tricks for submitting art for SEAF2018

Friday is the last day for you, our magnificent makers of erotic artistic wonders, to get that sweet $16 submission price for your art. You have until 11:59pm on Friday, December 15th to pay your fee to get the discount. Starting 12:01am on Saturday, December 16th, the submission fee will be the standard $35. There’s… Full Article »

Last Week For Early Bird Discount!

Does everyone have their pearls close by, because it’s time to starting clutching. We have only one more week remaining for our special submission price cut for Early Birds(GASP!) “BUT!” you cry, “my idea isn’t finished yet and I have so much to do this week, I’ll never get it done in time”. Not to… Full Article »

Introducing the 2018 Visual Art Jurors

Now that our Artists Portal is open, we’d like to announce our incredible panel of visual art jurors for #SEAF2018! As usual, our picks come from extremely diverse backgrounds, but they all share a love and enthusiasm for erotic art (don’t we all?). Read more about our great jurors, and be on the lookout for… Full Article »

Interact with Us!

A special note for all of our aspiring Installation artists Your wonderful ideas for interactive installation pieces do not need to be completed at the time of submission. If you have more than one idea crashing around that pretty cranium of yours, you can submit up to 3 unique installation ideas. Proposals should be submitted… Full Article »

2018 Call For Art Open!

Today’s the day, you wonderful crafters of scintillating substance! The Call for Art for the 16th annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival is now open. We want to see your provocative paintings, your titillating sculptures, and your fascinating photographics. We want to read your wooing words in poetry and prose. We want raw design sketches of… Full Article »