Our Highest Honors: SEAF’s 2024 Award Winners

Every year, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is home to the most delectable variety of erotic art to grace a gallery, a screen, or the pages of an anthology. This year was no exception. Some pieces shone a little brighter, delighted and excited beyond what we anticipated. We would like to celebrate and recognize these works. Join us, please, in celebrating the SEAF 2024 Award Winners.

SEAF 2024 Award Winners: Pan Eros Film Festival laurels for 2024.


Our third annual Pan Eros Film Festival brought erotic Short Films from across the globe to the SIFF Center for five viewings over the festival weekend. There was also a continuous showing of the Silent Films in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall throughout the festival.

Best in Show

Got Game? by Fatimah Ashgar

Best Silent Film

For You by Iryna Mordiushenko

Best Foreign Film

42 Days by Nat Portnoy

Audience Choice for Short Films

Hello by Catherine Mazoyer
Big Sur Gay Porn by Ryan A White
Y by Matea Kovač
Boy Toy by GoAskAlex

SEAF 2024 Award Winners: A picture of the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall taken from an elevated position, showing the art walls of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and crowd viewing the art.


The Visual Art Exhibition was delighted to display 265 works on walls and pedestals. We continue to be privileged to present the work of artists from all corners of the world and paths of life in the festival.

Foundation Award for Visual Art

Inside Out by Ɂasabak

Jury’s Choice Awards

Medicksa by Logan Faeber
Liée. (Tied) by Thalissa Valery
Fucking with Myself by Jay Angel Valentine

People’s Choice Awards

It Burns When I Pee by Jeff Hicks and Jed Vassallo – Flame Friends
Repose by Charlie Noble
The Climb by Slippery Foxtrot

SEAF 2024 Award Winners: the front cover of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival Literary Art Anthology for 2024. Edited by Marissa Bea and Drea Talley.


This year, the Literary Anthology accepted forty-five erotic works from thirty-six authors. This year’s stories came to us from as close as Seattle itself to as far as the United Kingdom.

Foundation Awards for Literary Art

again by The Dowager of Bees
Honk if you’re Horny! An In-Depth Study of Clown Mating Rituals by Teeebone
Plant Based Parmesan by Leo Sparx

Editors’ Choice Award

Precarious Circuitry by Isis Zystrid
The Thread by Melissa Lee

We are so full of joy to be celebrating these creatives and their works. To all our artists, you offer up so much of yourselves in your work and allow us to share it with the world. Guests and Art Activists, your attendance at SEAF makes it possible for us to continue to bring erotic art into the spotlight. Whether on our walls, a screen, or the pages in a book. The Seattle Erotic Art Festival exists to promote the enjoyment and sale of erotic art. You all make it possible.