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High Flying Performances at Seduction

  After the Seduction stage show ends, the performances still go on! A pole will take center stage and a lyra will be set up on a special elevated aerial stage above the bar. On both Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th, these amazing performers will dazzle you with their athletic prowess! Pole Fitness… Full Article »

New Party Crasher ticket for dancing!

Did you already have plans for the weekend of October 26 & 27, but still wanted to pop into Seduction 2018?  Were you really just looking for a sexy place to dance?  Then our late night Party Crasher ticket is for you.  Party crasher tickets are just $40 for Friday, and $60 for Saturday. This… Full Article »

Inviting Performances at Seduction

Once again, our Interactive Performance troupe, the Wall-Breakers, have gathered a number of ways to engage with you at Seduction! Our Wall-Breakers will also be taking over our Go-Go blocks during the dance party. We won’t tell you all the off-stage antics we have planned, because tricks are as important to Halloween as treats. Be… Full Article »

Seductive Experiences

One of our favorite parts of Seduction is the opportunity for shenanigans! Allow yourself to be tempted with games where everyone is a winner and experiences that will leave you breathless. No need to trade tickets for a chance to play, rather just step right up to each booth! As soon as doors open, there… Full Article »

Drown in Depictions of Dark Eros

  This year, Gallery Erato is hosting the visual art showcase of Seduction.  As you enter, you will see art depicting the darker side of eroticism in paintings, illustrations, glass, photography, and on vinyl. These spooky, yet alluring, pieces of art are nothing to be scared of. Many of these artists are Seattle Erotic Art… Full Article »

Salon of SEAF: Spookily Seductive Life Drawing

October’s Salon of SEAF features a drawing lesson with our life drawing! Join us for a spooky, seductive life drawing session performed with guts, gore, and gaiety on Monday, October 29th. And arriving in costume are certainly encouraged! At 7pm, there will be a 30 minute drawing lesson on foreshortening, mass, gravity, and lines of… Full Article »

Intimate Stage Performances at Seduction

This year’s Seduction is different in so many ways. One thing we are bringing back is the big stage show of years past. This year, the glorious Ms. Briq House will be your Mistress of Ceremonies though two show each night. Stage shows start at 8:30pm and 9:30pm each night. You will get two thirty… Full Article »

Sirens of the Deep – DJs of Seduction 2018

We’re a little less than a month away from Seduction, and our senses are already tingling with anticipation as all the details of this year’s bacchanal start coming together.  A Halloween party just isn’t complete without music to make your booties shake, so the Seduction team rounded up a group of fantastic DJs to keep… Full Article »

Don Your Finery For The Seduction Costume Contests!

The Seduction costume contest returns to the stage, both nights of Seduction 2018! Make sure to arrive early to meet our judges and register. Whether you are a singing siren, dashing devil, suave sailor, terrifying Trekkie, bondage Betty— putting together a Halloween costume is always fun! Treat our eyes to your most creative costume, and we might… Full Article »

Salon of SEAF: Explore Written Erotica

For this month’s Salon of SEAF on September 15th, our Literary Curator assembles authors who have been featured in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s Literary Anthology to share their passion for the written work with you. Come explore the written side of erotica at Gallery Erato. The Seattle Erotic Art Festival has been proud to… Full Article »