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September’s Whimsy

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is proud to present another Late Night At Gallery Erato art opening on Friday September 8th. These events recreate the vibe of SEAF’s late night hours: dancing to deep DJs whilst surrounded by epic erotic art and gloriously gorgeous people. Come dressed to impress and dazzle on the dance floor –… Full Article »

Let Me Introduce You…

We’ve been teasing you for long enough – it’s time to share a new opportunity for fun with you! We’ve been busy little beavers working on a new quarterly event at Gallery Erato that we are simply calling SEAF: Late Night. SEAF: Late Night recreates the vibe of Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s late night hours;… Full Article »

Welcome to the 2023 Opening Gala!

It’s time, my art loving darlings! The 2023 Seattle Erotic Art Festival is here! Please come join us for our Opening Gala! We have so much happening Friday night, and have provided a handy guide to the 2023 Opening Gala. 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM Body Painting by artists Sugiura Nureo & K LeoThe Corner… Full Article »

SEAF: Late Night

After the lectures and performances are done, we shift gears to create a night club vibe within the festival. SEAF Late Night is when we invite the go-go dancers and flow artists to take the stage while the DJs lure you on to the dance floor. This year, our Director of Sound created a 6-point-surround-sound… Full Article »

Pan Eros Film Festival 2023

A bright hello to all you darlings, especially you aficionados of all things film and erotica. We are delighted to announce the Pan Eros Film Festival 2023! This is PEFF’s second year, and we are excited to keep it going. A selection of short and silent films have been chosen by our Film Curator, Brodin… Full Article »

Meet the Literary Artists of SEAF 2023

You may have read that a writer whose work you find delightful has made their way into an upcoming anthology. It may have been written. Or whispered. Or excitedly shouted. You may be wondering, who else? It is time, dear readers, for the official announcement. We invite you to meet the Literary Artists of SEAF… Full Article »

Introducing the 2023 Visual Art Jury

Hello dearest Artists and Art Lovers! The Call for Art is moving right along, and we are ready to introduce the 2023 Visual Art Jury! Our jurors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, united by not only their love of art but an understanding of the importance of seeing the erotic reflected in… Full Article »

Special Call for Interactive Proposals

Interactive Elements, formally called Installations, are the experiences that set SEAF apart from other art shows and performances. Having the chance to pick up a drawing pad and sketch people in bondage, write your desires on flesh, assist in an impromptu performance, and entering a lush garden of sensual delights are just a few of… Full Article »

Installations are getting a glow up

Hello all you delightful and creative darlings! We are here today to talk about Installations. Installations are one of the parts of SEAF that make it, well, SEAF. They are a vital part of the festival. However, well, there have been some problems. The people in charge have put their heads together, and have decided… Full Article »

And the award goes to…

Theydies and Gentlethems, thank you for joining us on this most magical of news post! The jury has conferred, the votes have been tallied, and we are finally ready to announce the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, Jury Choice Awards, and the Foundation Award. Every year at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, over a thousand entries… Full Article »