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Introducing the 2024 Visual Artists

Hello you fabulous art lovers! We are a month out from the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival! The anticipation is building, and we are here today to…well, make it worse, if we’re being honest. How are we going to make it worse? By teasing you with a glimpse of what is to come. It is… Full Article »

December’s Late Night at Gallery Erato

Late Night at Gallery Erato recreates the vibe of Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s late night hours; shaking your tail feathers to unreal DJs whilst surrounded by epic, erotic art. Come dressed to impress and dazzle on the dance floor – from glam to funky to fun to wild costumes, we want you to express yourself… Full Article »

Keeping track of the SEAF 2024 Calls for Art

Hello my vibrant virtuosos! A lot is going on here at SEAF Headquarters! We’re heading into that most wonderful time of the year, and I don’t just mean the winter holiday season. With two calls underway, and the rest less than two weeks out, it can be hard to keep track of when to submit… Full Article »

The 2024 Special Call for Interactive Proposals

Fabulous and fantastic artists! We hope you had a fantastic Halloween. As we leave Seduction and the spooky season behind, it’s time to start gearing up for SEAF 2024. The Call for Film is already well underway. It’s time to kick off the 2024 Call for Interactive Proposals. Interactive Elements, formally called Installations, are the… Full Article »

Are you ready to be Monstrous?

My freaky darlings, the witching hour is almost at hand! Seduction: Monstrous is this Saturday! Are you ready to be Monstrous? I hope you already have your tickets, because we are SOLD OUT! But don’t despair. There may yet be a way for you to join the celebration. Seduction needs you! We could still use… Full Article »

September’s Whimsy

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is proud to present another Late Night At Gallery Erato art opening on Friday September 8th. These events recreate the vibe of SEAF’s late night hours: dancing to deep DJs whilst surrounded by epic erotic art and gloriously gorgeous people. Come dressed to impress and dazzle on the dance floor –… Full Article »

Let Me Introduce You…

We’ve been teasing you for long enough – it’s time to share a new opportunity for fun with you! We’ve been busy little beavers working on a new quarterly event at Gallery Erato that we are simply calling SEAF: Late Night. SEAF: Late Night recreates the vibe of Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s late night hours;… Full Article »

Welcome to the 2023 Opening Gala!

It’s time, my art loving darlings! The 2023 Seattle Erotic Art Festival is here! Please come join us for our Opening Gala! We have so much happening Friday night, and have provided a handy guide to the 2023 Opening Gala. 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM Body Painting by artists Sugiura Nureo & K LeoThe Corner… Full Article »

SEAF: Late Night

After the lectures and performances are done, we shift gears to create a night club vibe within the festival. SEAF Late Night is when we invite the go-go dancers and flow artists to take the stage while the DJs lure you on to the dance floor. This year, our Director of Sound created a 6-point-surround-sound… Full Article »