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Art you can play with

Darling art lovers! The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is THIS WEEKEND! Are you excited? We are! There is so much art to be just devoured, and we hope you’re hungry for it. To further whet your appetite, we’d love to introduce you to the 2024 Interactive Experiences. These installation-style art exhibits and performances offer opportunities… Full Article »

Creating in real time: Live art at SEAF 2023

The festival is not just a place where art is displayed, but also where art happens. Every year we curate experiences within the space where creativity is encouraged. Would you like to see an artist at work? Maybe watch someone be turned into a living piece of art? Take some time to hone your own… Full Article »

Special Call for Interactive Proposals

Interactive Elements, formally called Installations, are the experiences that set SEAF apart from other art shows and performances. Having the chance to pick up a drawing pad and sketch people in bondage, write your desires on flesh, assist in an impromptu performance, and entering a lush garden of sensual delights are just a few of… Full Article »