Creating in real time: Live art at SEAF 2023

The festival is not just a place where art is displayed, but also where art happens. Every year we curate experiences within the space where creativity is encouraged. Would you like to see an artist at work? Maybe watch someone be turned into a living piece of art? Take some time to hone your own art skills? We can make that happen. Please take a minute to peruse the live art at SEAF 2023.

Live Painting

Every year we have an artist set up in our mini-studio area and create art in the moment. This has looked like giant murals, or series of paintings in the past. This year, we also have a series of artists.

Luuk Honey

Luuk Honey is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the Puget sound. Through painting, drawing, writing, & music, he passionately shares his unique vision with the world. Creating has always brought Luuk a deep sense of joy. Historically, Art has been more of a passion project than a reliable job. Now, it is his main focus.

Irina Milton

Irina Kirienko Milton is a successful, internationally recognized artist. She is an explorer in life and art, which leads to her unique perspective. She always seeks to see new aspects of her subjects that she can incorporate into her artwork. Irina explores the human condition, human-made objects, and the natural world in all its manifestations. She pushes the limits of what is possible in her painting, seeking challenges, and learning from the experience.

Dave Clay

Dave Clay is a figurative/landscape painter in Seattle, WA. “I strive to create art that provokes empathy and introspection. I trust the viewer to connect with the art with their own personal experiences unique to the individual. I use atmosphere, texture, destruction and ambiguity in my industrial landscapes and figures such that they remain open to interpretation while providing a unique visual language. I often struggle to achieve the breadth of these goals, but I want my art to reflect that personal struggle, to capture the method and madness of the creative process, leaving the piece, and myself, vulnerable.”

Genea Morrow

Genea Morrow is a self-taught artist and creative entrepreneur based out of Maryland. Her interest in art began in 2012 but it wasn’t until 2021 that she started to play in paint. Genea started a fulfilling career co-owning a children’s educational toy store, J.I.L.L.’s Toyshop, and launching Black Omi Art Co. Though her journey wasn’t always easy, she often opens up about her struggles with imposter syndrome and how she continuously works on her insecurities surrounding her late start to painting. She now creates paintings that tell her story, a story heavily influenced by her history with religion and spirituality, overshadowed by her exploration of her sensuality. Her work is centered around creating the feeling of familiarity, power, and freedom. To highlight the internal battles of feminine and masculine energies women may feel.

Myron Curry

Myron Curry is a self-taught artist from Seattle, Washington. He discovered his passion for painting in 2015 and has been honing his skills ever since. Curry finds inspiration in things that produce emotion, whether it’s his environment, images, or experiences. He uses a plethora of techniques, from drybrush and realism to abstract and pop art, creating a unique blend of styles. Curry is known for his community engagement and involvement, and has had several solo exhibits and gallery showings, including “Reflection” at the M. Rosetta Hunter Gallery. He has also painted several murals, including the Hill House Mural and two large murals for Seattle Central College. Curry is now experimenting with sculptures and looks forward to working on a sculpture project. He wants his art to be an example of how creative visual images can provide positive emotional experiences conducive to the community environment.

Body Painting

If you’ve ever been to the festival, you know that as some point body painting happens. This year we have invited a number of our accepted artists to take on this project. The following artists will be live painting on models throughout the weekend.

Nureo Sugiura

Nurea creates paintings of Kinbaku themes using traditional Japanese painting techniques. He also paints Japanese style paintings of flowers, animals, insects, etc. on bare skin. He is developing his style over the last two years holding solo exhibitions of his paintings and live painting performances on models.

K Leo

“I believe in beauty. I trust Art. I seek implausible things. We live in a freakishly marvelous world. I am perpetually amazed at the places, faces and precarious situations that surround us all. Mirth and beauty throughout.”

Loren Ponder

A changeling creature enchanted by the act of effecting tangible marks on the world around them. Their multifaceted mediums weave together themes of nature, intimacy, and myth.

Nero Villagallos O’Reilly

Nero is an indigenous Latino cartoonist specializing in sensual, erotic work focused on queer bodies and celebrating the beauty in the masculine. His comic work has been published by Slipshine, Iron Circus Comics, Fortuna Media, The Nib, and more.

Arte De Cruz

“I’m Alisa Centehua Cruz. First generation Chicana with an awakened Kunalini that is inspired by soul connections. I love creating erotic art cause it makes me feel beautiful. I also like having it mixed in with my other art at pop-ups as some people love it and others try to act as if they didn’t see it.”

Madame Umbra

“Since a young age, I’ve had a passion for art and creative expression. My favorite mediums are watercolors, digital painting, and drawing. My influences range from classical to modern and personal experiences, interaction with world cultures, and historical events. I currently live in Nagoya, Japan, where I continue to grow as an artist.”

Hillarie Isackson

“I’m a fine artist specializing in murals, with a passion for public art. I have a BFA from NCA. My art studio is in Gig Harbor, where I paint murals on the waterfront. I recently illustrated the book “Never Never Now and Forever”, made national headlines with my Stand With Ukraine mural, and have participated and won in speed painting competitions.”

Ryan Heitman

Meet Ryan Heitman, a fine artist and photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Whether working with oil paints on canvas or capturing the beauty of the world through a lens, Ryan is constantly pushing the boundaries of his art, exploring new techniques and mediums to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Life Drawing

As always, we will have the opportunity for guests to participate in Life Drawing sessions in our mini studio spaces. Models will cycle throughout the weekend. Life drawing is open to everyone, though please bring your own paper and drawing tool of choice. Some supplies will be available, but they will be limited.

This and more awaits you at the festival this year! We hope to see you there!