Monthly Archives: November 2020

SEAF-some #3

The final installment of the pandemic edition of the 2020 Seattle Erotic Art Festival is ready for your perusal at Gallery Erato! Please remember that we are operating at limited capacity and that masks are required for entry. If you prefer to have a more private viewing of the art with fewer people around, you… Full Article »

A Second Night of SEAF Performances

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival invites you to another decadent evening of seductive performances on Saturday, November 28th. Boom Boom L’Roux will join you via Zoom live at 9:00 pm (PDT) to serve you up hot sights and delights! Get ready for steamy burlesque, comedy, pole dancing, aerial, and bondage performances from this amazing array… Full Article »

SEAF-some, 3rd Time’s a Charm

Hello all you health-conscious art lovers!  Remember when health-conscious meant you were watching your sugars and maybe your carb intake?  And now it means you’re listening to epidemiologists and practicing social distancing and wearing a mask?  My, how times have changed. We are preparing for SEAF-some #3, getting the art up on the walls, making… Full Article »