Monthly Archives: January 2020

An Escape Room, Aaaahz! style

“Welcome explorers to The Realm of Decadent Delights. Your journey is about to begin. You will be tempted and tested by our denizens, such as the Warrior Princess and the Living Doll. Only those with balance and will-power can resist the erotic delights here and persevere long enough to solve their way through the maze of… Full Article »

SEAF 2020 Tickets on Sale!

The first tier of tickets for #SEAF2020 are available! Now is the time to get the best price for the hottest art event in North America. You can enjoy all the festival has offer for a discounted price. The lower prices don’t mean you miss out on anything. All ticket tiers provide ticket holders with… Full Article »

The Call for Art closes tonight!

This is it!  The final countdown!  Someone cue up Europe!  Or any of the dozens of bands who have covered the song in the ensuing years.  I think there’s a Postmodern Jukebox cover?  Anyway, we’re getting off subject.  Ahem! The Call for Art ends tonight, my delightful and deviant creatives!  You have until 11 p.m…. Full Article »

The final week and a little about sales

This is it! The final week! On January 15, the Call for Art for SEAF 2020 will close FOREVER! Was that properly dramatic? Maybe a little too much? Still, as of 11:00 p.m. PST, the submission portal will stop accepting new submissions and stop allowing you to make changes to older submissions. The Call for… Full Article »

Some advice from the Artist Liaison

We are racing towards the January 15 end date for the Call for Art, and I anticipate seeing a lot of submissions in the next twelve days, particularly in those last few. I am excited for everything that is to come, and so pleased that you all continue to send the festival your art every… Full Article »