Monthly Archives: March 2023

Pan Eros Film Festival 2023

A bright hello to all you darlings, especially you aficionados of all things film and erotica. We are delighted to announce the Pan Eros Film Festival 2023! This is PEFF’s second year, and we are excited to keep it going. A selection of short and silent films have been chosen by our Film Curator, Brodin… Full Article »

Meet the Literary Artists of SEAF 2023

You may have read that a writer whose work you find delightful has made their way into an upcoming anthology. It may have been written. Or whispered. Or excitedly shouted. You may be wondering, who else? It is time, dear readers, for the official announcement. We invite you to meet the Literary Artists of SEAF… Full Article »

SEAF 2023 needs volunteers! Sign up today!

Hello, you daring and delightful art lovers! We are weeks out from the festival, and ramping up for what is looking to be an incredible year! As many of you know, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is almost entirely volunteer run. Aside from a small core staff that heads the Pan Eros Foundation, everyone from… Full Article »

Meet the Visual Artists of SEAF 2023

You’ve already heard the rumors, no doubt, and excited artists proudly exclaiming it from various social networks. It is time, art lovers, for the official announcement, and we invite you to meet the Visual Artists of SEAF 2023. Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known worldwide for a comprehensive collection of international fine art celebrating the… Full Article »